Ensuring A Safe Office Environment In the Wake of Covid-19

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Now that the pandemic is beginning to slow down, companies that are choosing to go back to in-person working models are starting to wonder how they can make their current and prospective employees feel comfortable returning to the office. While we wish there was one solution to this valid concern, the truth is—there isn’t. Over […]

Seamless Global Expansion

Global Expansion

Seamless Global Expansion If your business has arrived at the crossroad of deciding whether the time is right for global business expansion, our team at reesmarx would like to share some valuable insights with you. Learn about the six key performance and readiness metrics that businesses should evaluate before planning an expansion into a new […]

What Is Corporate Social Responsibility and How Can It Benefit Companies Today?

What Is Corporate Social Responsibility and How Can It Benefit Companies Today? | reesmarx

Now more than ever we see companies worldwide beginning to focus on social responsibility. Celebrating women’s rights, advocating for environmental protection, aiding in efforts to eliminate poverty and homelessness—the list goes on. It’s definitely a smart move on an ethical level, but from an optics perspective as well. ​ Understanding Social Responsibility Social responsibility is […]

Hybrid Workplace – Reality or Myth

Hybrid Workplace – Reality or Myth | reesmarx

When was the last time we had an opportunity to re-imagine our workplace and how we work? The Industrial Revolution allowed many from the countryside to move to cities in Europe and the United States. World War II forced many women into the workplace, while the late 40’s and the GI Bill allowed millions of […]

How Are Employers Preparing to Bring Employees Back to the Office?

How Are Employers Preparing to Bring Employees Back to the Office? | reesmarx

Everyone who has migrated to working remotely, may not enjoy it. While many professionals say they are happy working from home, some find it difficult and disruptive.The lines between work and home life have been blurred during the Covid-19 health crisis.And many people are looking forward to returning to work. Understandably, employees have apprehensions.After one […]

​5 Factors That Will Cause Post-Pandemic Employee Turnover

​5 Factors That Will Cause Post-Pandemic Employee Turnover | reesmarx

The transition to a full staff on premises may be a slow one for businesses in many countries. While organizations are evaluating strategies to bring some of their team back to work in-office, the Covid-19 health crisis makes long-term planning difficult. Shutdowns are still the first defense in controlling infection rates, and that can bring […]

Career Health Check Workshop

Career Health Check Workshop | reesmarx

Career Health Check – Reflections for Future Success Are you lacking the time to energise your career? What factors might you need to address to help you on your career journey? This practical online workshop allows you the space to check in, reflect on your career path to-date and consider how that balances with your […]

​Does a Four Day Work Week Make Sense?

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Employers have considered it for many roles.After all, does it matter how many days per week your team works, or the productivity within those hours?Traditional management and scheduling models are being challenged by the rapid adoption of remote work during the Covid-19 health emergency.And some businesses are asking the question, once more. There are both […]