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Explore our most frequently asked questions.

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The length of the recruitment process is dependent upon many factors, some of which are:

  • Location
  • Role
  • The Clients interviewing process
  • Quickness of feedback


When considering these factors, we typically quote our clients based on an estimated period of involvement of 4-8 weeks. Of course, our involvement period can be shorter or longer based on our client’s needs.

Our approximate time estimate will be more accurately determined upon our first client meeting.

reesmarx is an industry agnostic business. We specialize in helping our clients to expand their business globally, and assist across multiple industries, roles, and company sizes. Our focus is to help our clients expand into new regions worldwide that they otherwise might not have been able to reach.

Improvements could be as influential as international expansion or as moderate as domestic growth. We specialize in recruiting well-rounded and experienced employees to grow our client’s global team. This is not limited to recruiting one role at a time, we partner with our clients to assist in building entire teams throughout multiple regions at the same time.

Yes. We provide our clients with at least 3 reference checks and expansive background tests per candidate. We also utilize a general questionnaire to ensure that we are recommending only the most qualified candidates to our clients. We host reference check calls, and draft notes for our clients to review. Upon request, we can also adjust our standard processes to meet any requirements our clients may have.

Regarding background checks, we have a wonderful partnership with a company that does this directly. At any point we can make a formal introduction for our client if this service is needed.

Yes. We provide salary benchmarking across the globe and an array of job positions. We do not produce massive reports, rather we perform a deep dive into the job position in question. Every job position, regardless of seniority level, comes with hard and soft skills that drastically influence compensation needs.

What do we do:
Determine the positions(s) in question and the regions/countries we are looking to expand into.
Look into our past searches within the desired region and our local networks and connections.
Provide salary ranges instead of a set number; at any time, currency exchange changes, or global changes (such as a pandemic) alter salary needs per region.

This benchmark is typically provided following a meeting with a client or potential client so we can consider other factors and requirements the company is asking for from a potential job candidate. Specific language skills, experience with company culture (of the client’s HQ location), any offered benefits (which play a huge factor to salary if things are not offered off the bat), etc. all factor into our calculation.

We are a global firm with over 20+ years of experience working in hundreds of countries. We don’t focus on one specific region or country at a time, instead we have harnessed the skills and knowledge to help our clients expand in whichever direction they are looking to grow. Naturally, there are regions we have had more or less experience with, but we urge you to reach out to our staff if you are unsure of our coverage in a specific location.

We provide many services through our Partnership Network. We provide Advisory Services (for companies expanding Global – in the planning stage), Career Coaching and Global Boutique Recruitment Services. Our  Partnership Network consists of all services you might need during your expansion. This Network gives us the ability to give you a trusted solution to any obstacle global expansion throws at you—including going beyond EOR’s/PEO’s.

Typically, our pre-screen process will be conducting 30-45 minute video screening calls with candidates. We will then provide our summary notes regarding soft and hard skills important to the Hiring Managers discussed needs/wants, alongside the candidate’s Resume/CV.

We never use the same approach twice. A strong interviewing technique has so many factors. Some being:

  • Region
  • Industry
  • Company Culture
  • Local Team size (existent or non-existent)
  • Role seniority
  • Culture of Interviewer & Culture of interviewee
  • A strong interview starts with transparency, preparation, and openness to the culture and region of the world they are working with.

All that it really comes down to is, what type of Recruitment process is the Client looking for. If they prefer a:

  • Contingency Firm, they are generally looking for;
  • Mostly CV shops/Resume Shops so they have an extensive pool of candidates ready to go
  • Usually focus on a specific role style that they have built their database
  • Little hands-on approach but quicker to get general profiles across to the Client
  • Usually a cost conscious option for building tech teams/customer service teams
  • Guarantee period tends to be shorter
  • Boutique/Retained firm, they are generally looking for;
  • Hands-on approach with consistent interview process involvement for multiple interview stages
  • Advise on cultural expectations and personality traits of interviewee
  • Does screenings before Client even sees the profile
  • Targeted Sourcing Process – profiles approached are not general skills but instead multiple reasons for approaching
  • Sets up interviews, host reference checks, consistent debriefs, soft closing, direct communication to Hiring Manager, etc.
  • The slightly more costly option for longevity

We of course are the boutique option. We understand that you may be in need of the contingency firm and its process, and we have countless times expressed that to potential clients.