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Career Health Check Workshop

Career Health Check – Reflections for Future Success

Are you lacking the time to energise your career? What factors might you need to address to help you on your career journey? This practical online workshop allows you the space to check in, reflect on your career path to-date and consider how that balances with your vision of the future.

There will be a maximum of 6 delegates from different backgrounds with a ratio of 3:1 coach. The setting is informal, supportive and confidential and we will introduce motivating exercises to help open up discussion and encourage individual and group reflection.


• To reflect on your career journey, become more aware of patterns and trends to enhance future career decisions and clarify career priorities.

• To visualise a future world in the context of your career that aligns with your authentic self, for a greater sense of purpose and fulfilment.

Potential Outcomes? At the end of this Workshop, you will be better equipped to:

• Acknowledge what you are good at and what gives you energy.

• Appreciate your skills, strengths & what makes you thrive by looking at your career trajectory.

• Increase career confidence and self-belief by focussing on learning points & positives.

• Be inspired about what your future might hold.

Who can attend? You may be thinking about joining this Workshop if you are:

• Keen to explore your career potential and create an inspiring vision for the future

• Lacking confidence in your current situation, perhaps feeling overwhelmed, undervalued, recently unemployed, facing redundancy, returning to the workplace, or simply stuck in a career rut

• Unsure what you are good at and need to re-assess your core skills, values and strengths in order to embark on a more fulfilling career journey


The workshop is hosted by Jenny Dalgleish & Karen Braakman – both accredited career coaches.

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