Netherlands Destination Guide

Netherlands Destination Guide | reesmarx

You’ve decided you want to go global, so now it’s time to choose your target destination. Luckily, you’re at the right place! When you’re deciding on where to head next, there are a few areas to deeply consider: economic strength, leading industries, workforce quality, and investment opportunities. In this destination guide, we’ll be taking a […]

Portugal Destination Guide

Destination Guide: Portugal

Thinking of launching your startup business overseas? Or are you looking to globalize your preexisting business? It’s important when you begin your journey towards global expansion that you find a country that best fits your business’s mission and values. This decision can be difficult to make with so many countries now offering diverse benefits regarding […]

Digital Nomadism in Latin American and Labor Law Considerations

Digital Nomadism in Latin American and Labor Law Considerations | reesmarx

Before the events of Covid-19 mandated a ‘work from home’ rule wherever possible, full-time remote work was rare. Certain sectors had already explored and approved professionals to work from home on a part-time basis. Some employees were fortunate enough to demonstrate that they could adapt to remote work, without a loss of productivity. However, there […]

6 Essential Skills a New Remote Employee Should Have

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In the United States, approximately 40% more employers are offering work from home accommodations for staff.  Only 27% of American organizations (before the pandemic) provided full-time work from home opportunities.  The transition to remote work for health and safety has been rapid for many organizations, across sectors and functions including sales, marketing, tech support and administrative customer […]

Health and Safety Liabilities and Considerations for Businesses During Covid-19

reesmarx | Global Recruitment and Business Expansion

When businesses plan for adversity, such as employee attrition, economic downturns, and competitive factors, few to any businesses (outside of the healthcare sector) were prepared to cope with a viral pandemic.  It was not something discussed, let alone taught in business school, yet within two months in early 2020, every SMB through mid-level and enterprise […]

6 Ways to Manage Remote Employees More Effectively

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A recent study by Stanford University in the United States revealed a number of productivity and economical advantages for both employers and employees who engage in remote work arrangements.  In fact, 66% of global corporations allow part-time remote work, and 16% of all organizations worldwide are comprised entirely of professional teams that work exclusively online. Since the […]

5 Considerations to Help You Prepare for a Video Interview

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Some recent surveys have reported that up to 60% of international businesses, leverage the video interview as part of the hiring process.  Career professionals may be well-practiced in techniques for mastering an effective in-person or telephone interview, but with more companies hiring international candidates, the video interview can present some new challenges, if you are […]

What Can We Learn About Corporate Culture from Leading Technology Companies?

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In an increasingly competitive global business environment, your greatest business asset is the ability to attract the talent that will help your organization grow.  But we know that finding qualified candidates to join your team is only the beginning; businesses must foster a positive work environment and corporate culture to retain them. How important is […]

Global Careers: 4 Countries That Make It Easy to Get a Work Visa

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When the United States announced restrictions to the H-1B, H-1B1 and other professional work visas, the results were damaging particularly to the technology industry, that relies on highly skilled foreign workers, programmers and software developers.   The repercussions were felt to the extent that global software companies like Facebook became highly vocal of the move. It was referred […]