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Jenny Dalgleish

Jenny Dalgleish

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Hiring For Global Expansion


Expanding your business internationally calls for exceptional recruitment practices, especially during ‘The Great Resignation.’ Not only are there vacancies at the home base, but you also have to attract, narrow, select, and hire exceptional talent for positions in another market, possibly overseas in a different culture with a foreign language. This task is daunting for any business leader, but the good ones recognize that it is also the most essential. Successful global expansion relies heavily on the people you choose, so finding the right talent is crucial for your business goals.

So how and where do you even begin? In the face of all these obstacles and pressure to find the right talent, how do today’s business leaders fill those roles in global growth? There is a recipe for optimizing your global expansion efforts- begin with understanding your own needs while creating the job description and partner with a global recruitment agency that fits your needs.

Hiring is more than making a specific job description. What do you want that is not in this job description? What do you want in a person and a team? How will they interact with your work culture and the target market’s culture? What goals and aspirations should each candidate have that align with the position’s potential? Understand your own needs before taking the step to hire. 

Most importantly, look to recruitment agencies for ease and effectiveness in finding exceptional talent. Due diligence will be done, and you will get the right people that adhere to the diversity requirements. Furthermore, find an agency that adapts to your needs. Do you understand the culture and business climate in your target market? Not being aware of a country’s local laws and regulations can have detrimental consequences for companies expanding internationally. According to a 2019 survey by Velocity Global, one in four respondents said compliance with local regulations contributed to the withdrawal from a new global market. The agency’s knowledge and experience in the global market are vital, but finding the right agency for your company’s size and industry is also important.

With the belief that a company’s success is heavily tied to its people, reesmarx has been the right recruitment agency for many small and mid-size companies, bringing them global success. Our track record of success is grounded in four main factors that distinguish us from our competition — we have unlimited access to global talent, the ability to assess risks with the company and match talent to those risks, an enviable network of international partner companies, and solid experience within many vertical industries. These winning attributes allow us to deliver quickly and across borders for companies seeking to build the best teams in the global marketplace. Contact us if you would like to discuss your global expansion needs and watch your business grow!

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