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The global marketplace is more competitive than ever before. To succeed, businesses need the very best executives leading the charge. That’s where our executive search services come in. With experience in several industries all around the world, we have the local knowledge and global experience to find the perfect candidate for any executive role. One […]

5 Reasons Why Executive Search Is Important in Today’s Business World

5 Reasons Why Executive Search Is Important in Today's Business World | reesmarxGLOBAL

As a business leader, it’s vital to have a finger on the pulse of the latest marketing trends and best practices. This includes knowing when to make a strategic move, such as hiring an executive search firm. But what exactly is executive search? Simply put, it’s a type of recruiting that helps organizations find leaders […]

3 Ways to Prepare Your Global Business for a Recession

3 Ways to Prepare Your Global Business for a Recession | reesmarxGLOBAL

Recessions occur at different times and for different industries across the globe, so the risk is always there for economic downturns to impact your global business. In the midst of so much economic, political, and trade uncertainty, building a recession plan before you need it is a good idea. Below are 3 ways you can […]

China Destination Guide

China Destination Guide | reesmarxGLOBAL

Looking to scale up quickly? China may be the smart move for your company! The trick to smart global expansion is to look for a location that matches its business climate to your growth needs. More specifically, pay particular attention to key factors such as the country’s economic status, quality of workforce, and industrial strength […]

United Arab Emirates Destination Guide

United Arab Emirates Destination Guide | reesmarxGLOBAL

You’ve decided you want to go global, so now it’s time to decide where! There are a few areas to keep in mind and assess for potential: economic strength, leading industries, workforce quality, and investment opportunities. In this destination guide, we’ll be taking a look at one of the best countries for doing business— the […]

5 Benefits of International Expansion

5 Benefits of International Expansion | reesmarxGLOBAL

Going global is one of the best things you can do to increase your business’s overall growth. At reesmarx, we are experts on international expansion, and we believe that, in order to see your organization’s full potential and success, global expansion is a must. Each year, thousands of businesses choose to go global; this might […]

Singapore Destination Guide

Singapore Destination Guide | reesmarxGLOBAL

If you’re considering Singapore as your next destination for your business, download the reesmarx Singapore Destination Guide to learn more!

The Great Resignation: How to Increase Employee Retention

The Great Resignation: How to Increase Employee Retention | reesmarxGLOBAL

In November of 2021, over 4.53 million Americans quit their jobs – a record high for the most jobs quit in just one month. While initially shocking, this number isn’t very surprising when considering recent trends in resignation. Seven months prior, The United States broke a 20-year record and saw its first spike in resignations, […]

Business Sustainability and ESG

Business Sustainability and ESG | reesmarxGLOBAL

As environmental risks and societal concerns continue to rise, corporate sustainability and ESG has been at the forefront of smart business investment opportunities—notably for those looking to grow their business on a global scale. What is Corporate Sustainability and ESG? Sustainable businesses are those that can develop a business model centered around their commitment to […]