Ensuring A Safe Office Environment In the Wake of Covid-19

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Now that the pandemic is beginning to slow down, companies that are choosing to go back to in-person working models are starting to wonder how they can make their current and prospective employees feel comfortable returning to the office. While we wish there was one solution to this valid concern, the truth is—there isn’t. Over […]

Working Remotely – Onboarding Best Practices

Onboarding Best Practices

The recent pandemic gave businesses worldwide no choice but to move to a strictly online remote work system. Since then, many companies have decided to allow employees to continue working remotely. Considering the introduction of remote work was (and is still) a drastic change for most businesses, learning to rethink some standard company procedures, particularly […]

What Is Corporate Social Responsibility and How Can It Benefit Companies Today?

What Is Corporate Social Responsibility and How Can It Benefit Companies Today? | reesmarx

Now more than ever we see companies worldwide beginning to focus on social responsibility. Celebrating women’s rights, advocating for environmental protection, aiding in efforts to eliminate poverty and homelessness—the list goes on. It’s definitely a smart move on an ethical level, but from an optics perspective as well. ​ Understanding Social Responsibility Social responsibility is […]

Building Culture of a Global Remote Team

Growing a Global Team | reesmarx

As the world works its way out of a global pandemic, we find ourselves at a time like no other. Out of absolute necessity, countless workers across the globe learned to work remotely. And many people, having grown confident using new skills while having to adapt in a crisis, will be intent on permanently joining […]

What Can We Learn About Corporate Culture from Leading Technology Companies?

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In an increasingly competitive global business environment, your greatest business asset is the ability to attract the talent that will help your organization grow.  But we know that finding qualified candidates to join your team is only the beginning; businesses must foster a positive work environment and corporate culture to retain them. How important is […]

What Aspects of Corporate Culture Help Attract and Recruit Talent?

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In a candidate-driven market, where unemployment rates are low, organizations that have a positive corporate culture enjoy the advantages of recruiting top tier professional talent. In today’s increasingly busy lifestyles, employees seek gratification from their work environment, in many different ways. At reesmarx, our global recruiters are actively searching and connecting talented professionals with high-growth […]

5 Effective Strategies to Cope with the Office Bully (That Won’t Get You Fired)

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Did you know that 75% of professionals, have reported one or more instances of workplace bullying?  This data is from a research study conducted by Dr. Judy Blando, from the University of Phoenix business school, and reveals that the problem occurs with great frequency and disruptive consequences. What should career professionals do, if the encounter workplace […]

5 Ways to Tell the Difference Between a Difficult Employee and an Innovator

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When it comes to human resource management, a critical skill is the ability to recognize talent within your organization.  In every team, there are star performers; individuals who do a good job of showcasing their productivity and abilities.  Management teams can be challenged however by individuals with high performance indicators, and lower agreeability, in terms […]

How to Brand Your Business Online to Recruit Top Talent

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What if we told you, that in most industries (including the highly competitive technology sector), that successful recruitment hinges strongly on effective branding of the corporate culture? In previous decades, the investment in branding the corporate persona was substantial.  When you bought a product or service, you knew more about the people and the vision […]