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What Aspects of Corporate Culture Help Attract and Recruit Talent?

In a candidate-driven market, where unemployment rates are low, organizations that have a positive corporate culture enjoy the advantages of recruiting top tier professional talent. In today’s increasingly busy lifestyles, employees seek gratification from their work environment, in many different ways.

At reesmarx, our global recruiters are actively searching and connecting talented professionals with high-growth organizations across the EMEA, America, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.   This international experience has given our team unique insights into the corporate cultures that attract (and retain) competitive talent.

We asked our recruitment team and consultants to choose six of the most influential aspects of corporate culture, with regards to successful employment offers. 

1. Reasonable Work Hours and Expectations for Over Time

Many employers are surprised to learn that high salary expectations are not at the top of the priority list for contemporary professionals.  What matters to them most (regardless of the sector or specialty) is a workplace that has healthy boundaries between work and home life.

Whether your business is recruiting young technology professionals or senior-level executive managers, the work/life balance equation is what matters most.  Professionals want to commit to a successful organization that embraces that balance, to allow for healthy home life and pursuit of extracurricular activities, recreation, travel, and continuous learning.

2. Recognition for Contributions Beyond Scope of Role

How does your organization reward and acknowledge top performers? When you are recruiting experienced candidates, who are high results-oriented, they have a need to receive feedback and recognition for their innovation.

Top performers appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate skills that go beyond the scope of their normal duties and key performance areas (KPIs). Rewards that stimulate engagement from motivated employees do not have to be monetary in nature, however.  Many organizations provide that recognition through internal newsletters that acknowledge top performers or have events such as special lunches, or a point system for earning additional vacation days when employees have exceeded benchmarks or goals.

3. Flexible Use of Banked Time or Vacation Days

Outside of business hours, employees have many other obligations to family members or non-profit organizations that they volunteer with.  Flexible and augmented health days allow employees to mitigate family or personal care needs, without eroding their valued vacation time. 

Organizations that provide supplemental days for healthcare needs, also promote employee wellness, which in turn results in lower absenteeism. This provision also allows middle-aged employees to care for children, or senior family members who require assistance.

Does your organization provide a special consideration that allows eligible employees to work from home if they are ill?  Many professionals appreciate the opportunity to do so, where permitted. Not only does it help them recover from their illness more quickly, but it can also reduce the spread of any contagious health issue that can contribute to increased absenteeism in the workplace. Protect the health and productivity of your work environment, by considering this kind of employee benefit (where applicable by role and capability).

4. Philanthropic Support and Charitable Participation

Professionals like to feel good about the organization that they work for.  Not only do charitable and philanthropic activities make a difference in your local or international community, but employees can feel gratified and compelled to engage in these special events and demonstrate their leadership.

Some organizations take an annual survey from their employees and allow staff to choose the charities that corporate fundraising and support will be allocated to.  This model endears the employer to their staff, by demonstrating social responsibility, and it is also an excellent opportunity for the business or brand to share how their employees are helping to make a difference.  It is beneficial to deserving charities and boosts both morale and employee engagement.

5. Continual Learning and Education Programs

Are you looking for talent within, that can be developed into future leadership roles within your organization?  Educational programs through institutions or online learning that is sponsored by the employer demonstrate a personal investment in the success and skills of your employees.   It is a competitive edge for corporations and a valuable retention tool that helps keep the talent you have recruited growing in tandem with your organization.

6. Team Building and Employee Social Events

Successful team building means social activities, that are not work-related.  An afternoon celebration of a holiday or event is more than appreciated when it is conducted on company time.   Retreats that focus on building soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and empathy are a valuable investment for businesses. 

Not only do special recreational events and retreats allow your employees to foster healthy relationships with other departments and teams, but it provides an experience that engages them in productive learning outside of the typical work environment.

When you are practicing many of the foundations that contribute to a positive corporate culture, it also gives your business the opportunity to share that culture with your customers.  Employees benefit from these six fundamentals of workplace culture, and businesses should share these programs openly.  Add these events to your quarterly newsletter, or social media posts. 

Businesses that are transparent about a fun, professional and rewarding business culture attract talented employees, who see the kind of a quality workplace they want to participate in.

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