5 Benefits of International Expansion

International Expansion

Going global is one of the best things you can do to increase your business’s overall growth. At reesmarx, we are experts on international expansion, and we believe that, in order to see your organization’s full potential and success, global expansion is a must. Each year, thousands of businesses choose to go global; this might […]

Ensuring A Safe Office Environment In the Wake of Covid-19

reesmarx |safe office environment

Now that the pandemic is beginning to slow down, companies that are choosing to go back to in-person working models are starting to wonder how they can make their current and prospective employees feel comfortable returning to the office. While we wish there was one solution to this valid concern, the truth is—there isn’t. Over […]

Soft Skills: What Employers Look For In A Candidate

reesmarx | Global Recruitment and Business Expansion

When the job search comes around and you start preparing your resume, it seems only natural to focus on your hard skills, right? We’ve been taught to emphasize specific experiences that qualify us for the position and field we desire; skills we’ve learned through our schooling or internship experience. In other words, we learn to […]

The Great Resignation: How to Increase Employee Retention

Employee Retention

In November of 2021, over 4.53 million Americans quit their jobs – a record high for the most jobs quit in just one month. While initially shocking, this number isn’t very surprising when considering recent trends in resignation. Seven months prior, The United States broke a 20-year record and saw its first spike in resignations, […]

Seamless Global Expansion

Global Expansion

Seamless Global Expansion If your business has arrived at the crossroad of deciding whether the time is right for global business expansion, our team at reesmarx would like to share some valuable insights with you. Learn about the six key performance and readiness metrics that businesses should evaluate before planning an expansion into a new […]

How is Work From Home Working for Employers and Professionals?

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Since 2007, there has been a rapid growth of freelance professionals who work from home. Cost of living has been one of the driving factors. An experienced professional could be self-employed in the rapidly growing gig-economy. Having a laptop or a home office became the cultural standard years ago. With little investment, professionals could make […]

Key Promotions and New Strategic Growth

Key Promotions and New Strategic Growth| reesmarx

As we enter an exciting phase of growth, we are pleased to announce the well deserved promotions of Nick Gilmour as Vice President, Global Operations and Matt Mann as Vice President, Global Sales. Matt will lead the global sales team to offer clients customised global recruitment and expansion services with Nick leading the global resourcing […]