Remote Team Collaboration Tools

Remote Team Collaboration Tools | reesmarx

One of the most important debates to play out in the business world over the next few years will be how much work will take place in company offices or remote locations. Some people are even arguing that the very idea of a company office is a relic that has outlived its usefulness. It’s far […]

Building Culture of a Global Remote Team

Growing a Global Team | reesmarx

As the world works its way out of a global pandemic, we find ourselves at a time like no other. Out of absolute necessity, countless workers across the globe learned to work remotely. And many people, having grown confident using new skills while having to adapt in a crisis, will be intent on permanently joining […]

How Are Employers Preparing to Bring Employees Back to the Office?

How Are Employers Preparing to Bring Employees Back to the Office? | reesmarx

Everyone who has migrated to working remotely, may not enjoy it. While many professionals say they are happy working from home, some find it difficult and disruptive.The lines between work and home life have been blurred during the Covid-19 health crisis.And many people are looking forward to returning to work. Understandably, employees have apprehensions.After one […]

Digital Nomadism in Latin American and Labor Law Considerations

Digital Nomadism in Latin American and Labor Law Considerations | reesmarx

Before the events of Covid-19 mandated a ‘work from home’ rule wherever possible, full-time remote work was rare. Certain sectors had already explored and approved professionals to work from home on a part-time basis. Some employees were fortunate enough to demonstrate that they could adapt to remote work, without a loss of productivity. However, there […]

​Positive Economic Indicators of Global Business Growth in 2021

In January 2021, the United Nations warned that the world economy was on a “cliff hanger”.The U.N. stated that economies worldwide were critically impacted by the Covid-19 health emergency.And while rollout of various vaccines for Covid-19 have commenced (and accelerated) in every nation, there would be long-term economical affects felt for years. While economists find […]

Why Start-Up Businesses May Face Greater Recruitment Challenges During Covid-19

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After almost a decade of a candidate’s recruitment market, the pandemic has caused substantial economic contraction and job loss.  In virtually every country, there have been record-setting levels of unemployment.  The pendulum for employers has shifted; it is now an employer’s market once more. Not all industries have been impacted the same way.  In some […]

6 Essential Skills a New Remote Employee Should Have

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In the United States, approximately 40% more employers are offering work from home accommodations for staff.  Only 27% of American organizations (before the pandemic) provided full-time work from home opportunities.  The transition to remote work for health and safety has been rapid for many organizations, across sectors and functions including sales, marketing, tech support and administrative customer […]

Health and Safety Liabilities and Considerations for Businesses During Covid-19

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When businesses plan for adversity, such as employee attrition, economic downturns, and competitive factors, few to any businesses (outside of the healthcare sector) were prepared to cope with a viral pandemic.  It was not something discussed, let alone taught in business school, yet within two months in early 2020, every SMB through mid-level and enterprise […]

Creating a Growth Plan for a Post-Pandemic Global Business Climate

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Health experts worldwide provided news that no one wanted to hear.  Business leaders were optimistic that the tremendous disruption of the Covid-19 coronavirus would be resolved quickly.  That a vaccine would be created or immunity to the virus would develop rapidly, making it safe to return to ‘business as usual’. We now know that it […]