North Carolina’s Wind Farm Boom

North Carolina, a state located in the southeastern region of the United States, is increasingly turning to renewable energy sources to meet its growing energy demands. The state now ranks second in the country regarding installed solar capacity, behind only California. Still, one of the most promising renewable energy sources in North Carolina is wind […]

Thailand Destination Guide

Thailand is an up-and-coming market with many potential opportunities for businesses looking to expand. With a population of around 70 million and an economy that has seen steady growth over the past few decades, it’s no wonder why many businesses are considering setting up shops in Thailand. What makes this country so attractive for business […]

7 Research-Backed Business Strategies for Surviving a Recession

With the economy experiencing significant downturns in recent months, it’s no wonder that the question of whether a recession is coming has been on many business leaders’ minds. As most economic cycles follow a predictable pattern of growth and expansion, followed by retraction, we will likely see further contraction in the coming months. With customers […]

Italy Destination Guide

Italy Destination Guide

As countries around the world continue to open up after a year of restrictions, many business owners are looking for ways to expand their reach. Italy is one of Europe’s most attractive destinations for businesses looking to break into new markets. With its rich cultural history and economic stability, Italy is an ideal market for […]

Peru Destination Guide

Peru Destination Guide

Peru is a booming economy with a rapidly growing consumer population. It is the fifth-largest economy in South America and has strong economic ties with nations like China, the US, and Japan. With a large consumer base and an advantageous geographic position, Peru has business opportunities, investment incentives, and cultural advantages that provide great potential […]

Global Chamber Cross Metro Meetup: Spain & Portugal

New Law on Start-ups in Spain What is the new law, and what will be the impact on start-ups, innovation, and immigration? Global Chamber® held a Cross Metro Meetup to focus on the effects of this new law and business opportunities in Spain and Portugal. Stephen Earls, Global Business Development Executive at reesmarxGLOBAL, spoke at this event […]

South Africa Destination Guide

South Africa is a nation on the rise, with a growing economy and an abundance of resources. As such, it has become an attractive destination for businesses looking to expand their operations and tap into new markets. From its strategic geographical location to its diverse population, there are several reasons why investing in South Africa […]

Spain Destination Guide

From the sunny beaches of the Costa Blanca to the vibrant culture and cuisine of Madrid, Spain offers a wealth of opportunities for businesses looking to take advantage of its expansive market and highly appealing living destination. Let’s take a quick look at why expanding your business to Spain might be a good idea. A […]

The CDO Summit

The CDO Summit addresses the challenges and opportunities arising from AI, big data, the cloud, digital disruption, and social and mobile media. When we think of digital transformation, we often think about how tech impacts different industries — how Uber shook up the taxi marketplace and Airbnb transformed the hotel industry. But the truth is digital […]