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Globinar – Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) in Recruiting, Leading and Innovating

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The Global Chamber is co-hosting an important debate with reesmarx.

Sometimes companies attempt to bring DEI as a priority can be approached in a much better way – “needing to hit quotas of diverse groups” vs really just looking at the candidate’s qualifications. And on the other side of that, sometimes Clients have stereotypes that stop them from hiring strong diverse talent. Some may fear bringing to light their diversities could rock the boat on a seemingly strong company – but companies are only stronger & more successful when they are open and reflecting on their DEI.

Topics to be covered:

  • Challenging recruitment requests – mainly ageism, education, stereotypical ideas of people based on past failed employees
    • The power we can have to get the right candidates in front of Clients
    • Love changing people’s minds to initial stereotypes
  • Have you witnessed a bad environment regarding the lack of DEI in past roles?
  • Importance of DEI in work – cultural diversity & awareness important to our model
  • Importance of internal DEI – brings more success to the reesmarx team
    • Speak on reesmarx’s diversity – executive team, racial, sexual orientation & how we can improve 

Keynote Speakers:

Michael Hancock – Recruiter with reesmarx for almost 1 year and LGBT+ community (US Team)

Frankie Leung – Recruiter & CRM with reesmarx almost 1 ½, years, LGBT+ community, & Asian European Ethnicity/Nationality (EMEA team)

Nicole Parker – New member of reesmarx & LGBT+ community (EMEA team)

Ericha Hartz – Women in leadership roles & pregnant headed into maternity leave (US team)

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