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Ericha Hartz

Global Partnership Director

My role allows me to branch out to potential Partners, who is anyone involved in a companies’ Global Expansion. Connecting with people to find a common ground of needs that we can aid in each others recognition and growth.

reesmarx is not your regular “Recruitment Firm” or “Head Hunter Company”. We care about our clients needs and wants, and make sure we handle the entire recruitment, interviewing, and on-boarding processes for our clients with ease. While also urging our clients to utilize our Partners during their international expansion.

We are not one industry or region specific!

Responsibilities include:
– Partnership Development
– Sales / Business Development
– Client Relations
– Global Expansion
– Marketing
– Resourcing/Recruiting (when needed)

I am thrilled to expand my knowledge and grow in my career with reesmarx. It is rare to fall in love with your job, team, and company but I can honestly say I have. I am excited to develop my knowledge and abilities in the Partnership and Client Relations world. My new role will require me to build relationships with potential Partners globally. I will be a key factor in the continued growth strategy my team has initiated.

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