Risk Management During Global Expansion

How to Choose a Global Business Consultant | reesmarx

Global expansion is one of the best ways to reduce external risks and enhance the impression of greater financial viability. Investors believe that going global shows strength, and they’re usually right; global expansion attracts new customers, increases your market influence, and spreads risk over multiple markets. There are possible disadvantages, though, to expanding business, so […]

Australia Destination Guide

Australia Destination Guide | reesmarx

As you begin sorting through locations all around the globe to start your business expansion journey, it’s always good to consider what opportunities your ideal location can offer. Looking at key factors such as economic status, industrial growth rates, and potential investment opportunities can help you to narrow down your list of candidates. Fortunately, Australia’s […]

Germany Destination Guide

Germany Destination Guide

Deciding where to begin your business journey? There are countless countries across the globe for aspiring business owners to consider when choosing where to launch their startup, and many of them offer up their own set of perks that could make it a great place to start. Any successful business begins with finding an environment […]

Hybrid Workplace – Reality or Myth

Hybrid Workplace – Reality or Myth | reesmarx

When was the last time we had an opportunity to re-imagine our workplace and how we work? The Industrial Revolution allowed many from the countryside to move to cities in Europe and the United States. World War II forced many women into the workplace, while the late 40’s and the GI Bill allowed millions of […]

How Are Employers Preparing to Bring Employees Back to the Office?

How Are Employers Preparing to Bring Employees Back to the Office? | reesmarx

Everyone who has migrated to working remotely, may not enjoy it. While many professionals say they are happy working from home, some find it difficult and disruptive.The lines between work and home life have been blurred during the Covid-19 health crisis.And many people are looking forward to returning to work. Understandably, employees have apprehensions.After one […]

China Sees Largest Manufacturing Expansion in Ten Years

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Since the origin of the Covid-19 virus in Wuhan, China, the world watched as the country dealt with the pandemic.And also closely watched how the economy of China would recover, after what might have been the world’s most stringent social and business lockdown. China is the world’s second largest economy, following closely behind the United […]

Strategies to Keep Your Sales Team Connected

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Managing a team in an office environment was challenging enough.  With social distancing, many companies have transitioned to full remote work, for as many employees as possible.  Maintaining a low density of employees on the premises may be inconvenient, but it also helps to insulate the business.  Protocols during the pandemic may be difficult, but […]

Why Businesses Are Choosing Dubai for Global Expansion

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The economy in Dubai is projected to grow 2.1% in 2019, and over 3.8% in 2020.  At a time when many international economies are shrinking or remaining static, the increasing diversification of businesses and foreign investment has the largest city in the UAE on a strong growth trajectory. One of the strongest indicators of ongoing […]

How to Activate Your Professional Network on LinkedIn for Career Advancement

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Do you have a job, or do you feel you are engaged in building a meaningful career within an industry you love?  When busy professionals take the time to create interesting blog articles for LinkedIn Pulse, they are demonstrating that drive to advance within their career, by keeping up with changes, innovations and new trends […]