Talent – the Challenges of Global Expansion

In today’s increasingly interconnected world, global expansion is a pivotal step for many companies seeking to capitalize on new markets and diversify their presence. However, such expansion is fraught with challenges, particularly in identifying and hiring the right talent to support this growth. As highlighted by Nick Gilmour at Going Global 2023, careful planning and […]

Leading Through the Ages: Management Strategies for a Diverse Generational Mix

In the bustling corridors of modern businesses, a unique symphony plays out daily — the intermingling of different generations, each bringing its distinctive rhythm and melody. Today’s workforce is more generationally diverse than ever, with Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z all sharing office space. This blend offers immense potential but also presents […]

France Destination Guide

France Destination Guide

If your business is looking to take the next step in global expansion, then you must consider France. It is a market ripe for potential business growth and expansion, offering many benefits for companies willing to take the risk. France’s Business Environment France’s current business environment is highly attractive, making it a great option for […]

Global Chamber Cross Metro Meetup: Spain & Portugal

New Law on Start-ups in Spain What is the new law, and what will be the impact on start-ups, innovation, and immigration? Global Chamber® held a Cross Metro Meetup to focus on the effects of this new law and business opportunities in Spain and Portugal. Stephen Earls, Global Business Development Executive at reesmarxGLOBAL, spoke at this event […]

Unlocking the Benefits of Fractional Recruitment

Fractional Recruitment

Do you need top-tier talent? Looking for that perfect team leader to bring a wealth of experience and knowledge and take your business to the next level—and all at a lower cost? While this may seem too good to exist, there is a hiring model that boasts these benefits— fractional recruitment. Many startups have been […]

Benelux Destination Guide

Benelux Destination Guide | reesmarx

As a business leader, you’re always looking for ways to grow your company. Entering new markets is a great way to do this, and the Benelux Union might be the perfect place for your company’s expansion. Comprised of Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, the Benelux Union is an economic powerhouse with a GDP of over […]

Japan Destination Guide

Japan Destination Guide | reesmarxGLOBAL

So you’re thinking about international expansion to Japan! Like all business moves, there are risks, but if the opportunities outweigh, then Japan may just be the ideal destination for your global business expansion. A few areas to consider for Japanese expansion potential include economic stability, industry strengths, labor market, and investment opportunities. Japan’s economy is […]

Globinar: Leading Through the Great Resignation

Globinar: Leading Through the Great Resignation | reesmarxGLOBAL

How important is it for your business you maintain and attract Top Talent? According to the Microsoft 2021 Work Trend Index, 41% of global employees said they were likely to consider leaving their jobs in the following 12 months. This is an opportunity to hear from our panel, which includes workplace specialists Julie Blinkho and […]