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Globinar: Leading Through the Great Resignation

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How important is it for your business you maintain and attract Top Talent?

According to the Microsoft 2021 Work Trend Index, 41% of global employees said they were likely to consider leaving their jobs in the following 12 months.

This is an opportunity to hear from our panel, which includes workplace specialists Julie Blinkho and Jackie Connaughton, who will be sharing established methods and insights to help your people achieve your business goals. 

With the disruptive experiences of the past couple of years, what impact has this had on you and your people?  Are you also able to focus on your client/business goals?

Are you still managing/monitoring internal change, revised guidelines, dealing with individual preferences and challenges?

Covering up the ‘cracks’ by applying a ‘sticky plaster’ has been proven to no longer work, so let us help you discover in this Webinar how to: 

  • Increase retention of Top Talent
  • Reduce the risk of losing new talent, connect the dots between onboarding initiatives and business objectives
  • Identify signs of Disengagement/Stress & Burnout
  • Remove the ‘disruption’ from your workplace, ensuring employees have the energy and motivation to achieve your business goals

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