Which US State is Best for Business Expansion?

Thinking about moving to the United States for your business’s global expansion? The US has many states full of business opportunities, but the trick to smart global expansion is to look for a location that offers a business climate that matches your growth needs. Pay particular attention to key factors such as the state’s economic […]

SelectUSA Investment Summit

The SelectUSA Investment Summit is the highest-profile event in the United States dedicated to promoting foreign direct investment (FDI.) This year’s Investment Summit returns in its familiar format to provide exciting opportunities for more investors from more markets and greater representation from economic developers (EDO) across the nation to engage and interact – the 2022 […]

How to Choose a Global Business Consultant

Running a small to midsize business is no small endeavor and is almost impossible to do alone. There are too many important tasks and vital roles that need specialized attention beyond what one person or even a handful of people can do. Thankfully, when it comes to making business changes, there are specialists to call […]

Risk Management During Global Expansion

How to Choose a Global Business Consultant | reesmarx

Global expansion is one of the best ways to reduce external risks and enhance the impression of greater financial viability. Investors believe that going global shows strength, and they’re usually right; global expansion attracts new customers, increases your market influence, and spreads risk over multiple markets. There are possible disadvantages, though, to expanding business, so […]

Top 5 Challenges of Going Global

Top 5 Challenges of Going Global | reesmarx

At reesmarx, we’re clearly passionate about global expansion. Our team of experts have spent years in the industry and know about all that comes with going global. There are a plethora of benefits, which you can read about here, but today we’ll be focusing on the main challenges businesses face on their expansion journey.  1. […]

How to Win the Offer War in a Competitive Market

How to Win the Offer War in a Competitive Market | reesmarx

Employers are struggling to win over talent in today’s highly competitive job market due to the high unemployment rates we’ve seen in the United States over the last two years. As of March 2022, the country’s unemployment rate sits at 3.6%. With such a large segment of the population being unemployed leaving so many open […]

reesmarx: World Disrupted – Impact on Global Recruitment

reesmarx: World Disrupted - Impact on Global Recruiting

reesmarx Global Recruitment places talented leadership and executives across all disciplines. Their experienced and dedicated talent acquisition teams expedite global business expansion and offer a more diverse and inclusive service compared to other agencies in the recruitment industry. Today we’re joined by Nick Gilmour, VP of Global Operations, and Matt Mann, VP of Global Sales at reesmarx to […]

The Importance of Global Networking

Global Networking

Business professionals network all the time. Networking helps to boost your career by connecting you with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, learn new insights, and making long-lasting professional relationships. But networking goes beyond the individual. In fact, it’s a great tool for startups through to established businesses. As your business begins to take off, it’s a […]

Singapore Destination Guide

Singapore Destination Guide

If you’re considering Singapore as your next destination for your business, download the reesmarx Singapore Destination Guide to learn more!