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Tap into a world of top talent

Hire anywhere with reesmarxGLOBAL and Velocity Global.

Going global helps you bring in the best people for the job, not just the closest. Take your workforce farther with reesmarxGLOBAL and Velocity Global. Our full-service partnership helps you source top candidates, hire without setting up entities, and access the strategic advice you need to unlock a world of opportunity.

Who is Velocity Global?

Velocity Global offers everything you need to onboard, pay, and support talent in 185+ countries—no entity setup required. By acting as your employer of record (EOR), Velocity Global compliantly hires on your behalf while you maintain control of talent’s day-to-day responsibilities. Think of Velocity Global as your outsourced HR partner, ensuring a smooth employment experience by handling:

Gain the power to go anywhere


Talk to reesmarxGLOBAL about your hiring goals so we can find the right talent.


Review candidates and choose the best applicants for your needs.


When your candidate lives in a country where you don’t have an entity, let Velocity Global quickly and compliantly onboard them for you.


Rely on Velocity Global to deliver on-time, accurate payroll and market-specific benefits packages.


Turn to Velocity Global’s worldwide HR experts whenever you or your talent need help.


Whether you need to relocate talent across borders, chart future expansion plans, or accomplish any goal in between, lean on the combined solutions and expertise of reesmarxGLOBAL and Velocity Global.

Why we partner with Velocity Global

Find out why we recommend Velocity Global to help you hire worldwide.

Track record of success

Consistently recognized by analysts as an industry leader, Velocity Global has helped more than 1,000 businesses hire and support talent worldwide since 2014.

Unmatched support

Velocity Global offers you the expertise, communication, and fully supportive partnership you need to confidently hire and support talent anywhere.

Compliance peace of mind

Not an expert in local labor laws? You don’t have to be. Rely on Velocity Global’s unrivaled team of legal experts to keep you compliant wherever you hire.

Worldwide scale

Velocity Global’s EOR solution spans 185 countries, giving you the ability to build teams virtually anywhere.

Intuitive HR technology

With Velocity Global’s easy-to-use HR management technology, you can simplify every step of running a global workforce—from onboarding to payroll and everything in between.

Global hiring edge

Attract and retain the world’s top talent by offering benefits packages that go far beyond statutory requirements, along with equity awards, flexible workspaces, and more.

The world’s top talent is within reach

Reach out to Velocity Global Strategic Partnerships Manager Jamieson Miller to take the next step.

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