reesmarxGLOBAL x GX

Our Partnership

Providing a Total Solution to Expansion

The partnership between reesmarxGLOBAL and Global Expansion (GX) provides a total solution for companies expanding to new regions across the globe – from anywhere to anywhere!

Our Partner

By working together, we streamline the expansion process and simplify working with two separate teams. The partnership also allows us both to be expansion experts in our respective spaces for successful growth. Through direct communication and a deep understanding of each other’s processes, we both can work on the back end to simplify the client onboarding experience and answer questions before they arise.

What reesmarxGLOBAL Provides

reesmarxGLOBAL specializes in the recruitment sector for global expansion with strong knowledge of talent across the globe to fit your needs. We provide advisory services and reports in the very early stages of your expansion planning process, giving insight into the talent, industries, salaries, and total costs in any given region. reesmarxGLOBAL will help you recruit the right people with the skills, experience, and cultural alignment to meet your business challenges.

What GX Provides

GX acts as a global Employer of Record (EOR) and handles holding entities, employment for new hires, payroll, tax and employment laws, and other requirements. GX1, GX’s multi-award-winning platform, makes every global HR task efficient and easy, enabling your new hires to hit the ground running.

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