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Nick Gilmour

VP Global Operations

Nick joined reesmarxGLOBAL in 2004 and steadily progressed his career with integrity and passion, becoming VP of Global Operations in 2020. He leads a global resourcing team of talent experts and uses his considerable knowledge across all sectors to manage the delivery of recruitment and business expansion projects across multiple disciplines and worldwide locations.

Nick enjoys helping companies understand how to manage and search for talent in an ever-evolving mobile and global workplace. His role requires a strong understanding of the cultural and practical challenges from region to region and country to country.

Nick is based in London and graduated from Durham University with a degree in Combined Social Sciences. An avid sports fan and passionate golfer, Nick also loves to travel and has been to a growing list of more than 70 countries. In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, “If life were predictable, it would cease to be life, and be without flavor,” and Nick is always welcoming more flavor.

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