Sphera Case Study

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In an era of swift globalization and intense market competition, how did Sphera – a world leader in environmental, health, safety, and sustainability solutions – scale its operations across borders? Dive into our exclusive case study detailing the strategic partnership between Sphera and reesmarxGLOBAL.

Quick Insights:

  • Company Profile: Sphera, a global enterprise leader with an annual revenue of $100 million.
  • Challenge: Aggressive global growth amidst a tight labor market and high demand for sales talent.
  • Solution: A dedicated recruitment partnership with reesmarxGLOBAL, specializing in global talent acquisition.

Inside the Case Study:

  • Introduction to Sphera: Learn about the company’s roots, its rapid growth trajectory, and its successful acquisitions.
  • The Core Challenges: Delve into the unique recruitment hurdles faced in key global markets and understand the magnitude of global sales hiring.
  • Solution Blueprint: Explore how reesmarxGLOBAL’s strategy streamlined the recruitment process and the measures taken to ensure effective communication, candidate engagement, and role-specific targeting.
  • Outcome & Review: Analyze the quantifiable results of the partnership and read a firsthand account from Susannah Graf, Sphera’s Director of Global Talent Acquisition, on why reesmarxGLOBAL stood out.

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  • Gain insights into successful global recruitment strategies.
  • Understand the importance of choosing the right partners for business scaling.
  • Discover the potential roadblocks in global expansion and ways to navigate them.