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You Didn’t Get Hired: Five Steps You Should Take After an Unsuccessful Interview

Few things are as disappointing as hearing back from an interviewer, and learning that you haven’t progressed to the second interview phase for a job you really wanted.   If you are unemployed or engaged in freelance or as a contractor, the pressure may be on to find a new full-time employer, and the news can have a negative impact on your confidence as a job seeker.

Did you know that what you do immediately after an unsuccessful interview can determine your success rate with the same, or a different employer?  More importantly, a positive mindset and evaluation can help you learn from the interview process, and perform even better when a future opportunity presents itself.    We’ll explain how most successful career candidates figuratively “dust themselves off” and try again, without getting hung up on the experience as a “failure”.

1. Evaluating the Interview

The first step most of us take is to evaluate where the interview went wrong.   What if we told you that in more than 80% of cases, your interview was perfect, but your experience level may not have been as strong as the candidate who was eventually hired?  Candidates are pre-screened and often have very similar, if not virtually identical skills, making previous experience a ‘tie-breaker’ in some cases.

One of the most professional things a candidate can do, is send a brief email to the recruiter or interviewer, thanking them for the interview.  It is also polite to ask for advice on your interview style.  If the recruiter is able, he or she will give you an indication of things that you may be able to improve, or validate that your interview skills were excellent.    The thank-you note however, provides a lasting, positive impression of your professionalism; one that could lead to another invitation to interview in the future.

2. Enhancing Experience

Did you know that volunteering, or engaging in online learning can accentuate your resume and professional profile?  If you feel that you may lack enough experience for the position you want, consider volunteering.   The altruism reflects well on your CV as an engaged member of your community, and charitable organizations are always looking for professionals to assist with administration, event planning, fundraising, leadership or project management.

3. Set Up an Email Alert for Positions in The Company

If you are set on becoming part of the team, be the first to find out about available job opportunities with your preferred employer.  You can follow job-boards on LinkedIn, or bookmark the hiring section of the business website and check periodically for other similar opportunities with the same organization.  There is some merit to a prospective candidate who is committed enough to reapply for future positions, and a good success rate with persistence.

4. Refresh Your LinkedIn Profile

Many organizations use social media sharing as one of the evaluation criteria when hiring prospective candidates.  Get active on your social!  Share links that pertain to your industry, comment and share insights from thought leaders, and follow and engage with companies you are interested in.   The effort pays off.

5. Spread the Word and Network

How many people in your personal or professional network are aware that you are searching for a new career opportunity? If you are employed, the last thing you will want to do is make it public knowledge that you are looking, however if you have trusted former peers in other large organizations, you can reach out to them with a brief note in LinkedIn, indicating that you are looking, and appreciative of referrals.  Former colleagues, friends and family will keep their ears open for suitable opportunities, and you can exponentially expand your search by contacting recruiters directly, and providing your updated CV.

Qualified candidates can set up a free profile, and start searching right away for international jobs through our recruitment portal.  Click here for more information, and explore overseas employers and exciting career opportunities.

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