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What Tech Professionals Need to Know About the Fast Forward Accelerator

What Tech Professionals Need to Know About the Fast Forward Accelerator

At first mention, the term ‘tech non-profit’ seems like a misnomer, as technology organizations around the global top the list of Fortune 500 companies.  But a new generation of non-profit technology start-up organizations are aiming for more than an impressive bottom line; they are becoming a force to creatively address social, environmental and economic needs.  To solve some of the world’s most challenging problems, for the greater good.

If farmers could utilize state of the art agricultural technology, to transform abandoned factories and malls into efficient fruit and vegetable production, and address inflated regional costs for produce, it would benefit the community.   If individuals with disabilities or the elderly were provided a self-driving car, that could deliver them to medical appointments or necessary errands, that too would benefit not just one community, but many who would follow the same model.  The drive to use technology to affect real social good, is the driving force behind the Fast Forward tech accelerator.

What is Fast Forward?

For three years now, the Silicon Valley organization has sought to accelerate technology non-profits by providing capital investment, training and valuable mentoring to help businesses scale and succeed.  Essentially, it takes the tried and true ‘Silicone Valley playbook’ and shares the genius and methods with other promising start-up companies.

Non-profit organizations that may otherwise experience stagnant growth without support and mentoring, find a priceless ongoing resource in the Fast Forward accelerator.  In the first three years since its inception, Fast Forward has helped 23 different technology non-profits, and has raised $26 million dollars (USD) through the program, for follow-on funding.

Fast Forward is responsible for an annual Accelerate Good Global Summit, and provides an updated public directory of technology based non-profit organizations.   The accelerator also connects volunteers and job seekers to careers within the niche, by operating an online job board.  From education, to agriculture, healthcare to human rights, transportation, green energy and more.

For technology non-profit organizations, the Fast Forward Accelerator is an exciting opportunity to access experience, proven business models, coaching and financial resources (through tech business and philanthropic donations) to achieve success, and create change.   Mentors include executive leadership from companies including Adobe, Google, Airbnb, Dropbox, Slack, Twitter and many more.

Fast Forward Summer Program

Technology accelerators are designed to create success. Taking non-profit technology organizations from 0-60 in terms of business strategy and scalability, the Fast Forward accelerator summer program supports growth with three steps:

  1. A $25,000 Funding Grant
  2. Education and insights from 100 high-caliber speakers, mentors and leaders from technology, philanthropic backgrounds and established tech non-profits.
  3. A scheduled Demo Day accommodating over 200 attendees invited from San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

An Interesting Growing Niche in the Technology Sector

The global team at reesmarx are recognized leaders in global recruitment, and in the technology sector.  We think that technology non-profits are an exciting opportunity for research and development, with innovators working on highly rewarding and visionary goals, for social good.   Watch the video to learn more about the Fast Forward accelerator, and share a comment regarding the initiative, or your perspective on growing non-profit technology career opportunities.

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