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Ray Tomasco

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What Is It Like Working with A Professional Recruiter?

When the topic of hiring is discussed, typically the conversation lends itself to the anxiety and anticipation that a candidate feels, when going through the application and interview process.   So much is written about the candidate’s perspective that the employer, and organizational goals, and the pressure associated with finding the “right fit” is forgotten.

Hiring the wrong person is more than a waste of time, it can have other negative and costly consequences for an employer.   Increasingly in many markets, finding qualified staff isn’t the problem; recruiting them away from other employers by offering incentives, salary, perks and other benefits has become mandatory.  However, many of the brightest and most innovative professional talents look for other aspects (like an affinity with corporate culture), which makes both recruitment and hiring a figurative arms race, in high demand sectors and regions.

There are numerous advantages to working with a professional recruiter, particularly when your business is hiring in foreign countries. But if you have never outsourced your recruitment needs, we would like to explain how SME’s and global corporations use our services.

Step One: Understanding Hiring Challenges and Needs

Employee retention is a problem that is faced by many growing organizations, and few things are as counter productive as hiring and training innovative employees, only to lose them to a competitor.  When you work with a reesmarx, our team will take the time to understand your hiring challenges and history, as well as any obstacles to retention that currently exist, and can consult with your Human Resource team on industry trends, salaries and competitive packages used by competitors.

Our goal is to be a valuable resource to help you find the right candidates, and keep them.

Step Two: Sourcing Talented Candidates

At reesmarx, we assign one recruiter to work with our international business clients.  When you meet your professional recruiter, you are connecting to a vast resource network that includes our growing data base of qualified professionals.  Our first search is within our current registered candidates, which include intermediate to executive level professionals who are highly recommended, vetted and ready to seek new career opportunities.

Step Three: Preliminary Interviews

We know that our clients are busy, and that outsourced recruitment services need to be worth the investment.  Our proven screening process involves multiple interviews and discussions to ensure that we have narrowed your choice to the best, and brightest candidates in your region.   They will meet all criteria established by the prospective employer, and in many cases, exceed them.

Step Four: Placement and Onboarding

How an employee is integrated into an existing team can have a powerful impact on retention and productivity.  Our recruiters can identify personal needs, strengths, social and performance acuity that can help the employer successfully onboard a new team member, and help reduce the disorientation new hires frequently feel, with supportive follow-up and coaching.

Contact us to discuss your businesses recruiting needs.  With support personnel and offices in every emerging and high-growth economic region in the world, reesmarx is a valuable resource to organizations who are expanding into new markets.  We can help your team grow in the right direction.

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