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What Is Career Coaching and How Can It Help Professionals Grow?

At reesmarx, we have been a leading provider of international recruiting services, for over twenty years.  By working closely with high-growth technology, business to business and consumer brand organizations in all sectors, we constantly survey the competitive skills that employers actively seek.

On the other side of our service role, we receive hundreds of new candidates every month, who register through our website to explore international career opportunities.  Our recruiters review credentials and experience, to match these skilled professionals to exciting roles around the globe.

While we have offered independent career coaching services for C-Level executives, our team is now expanding our career coaching to all levels of professional experience.  As we prepare to formally launch our one-on-one career coaching services, we’d like to start by identifying when hiring a career coach makes sense, and what benefits can be realized by having a dedicated personal coach evaluate skills and personal attributes, to create an effective job search strategy.

Who Can Benefit from Career Coaching?

Individuals who pursue personal career coaching are diverse in terms of their background and professional experience, but the common motivator is the desire to improve their competitiveness as a qualified applicant.  This can result involves many steps, that help the individual evaluate suitability, experience, personal strengths and interests and an evaluation of the regional job market, to determine areas that could be improved, to increase competitive job search.

You may have considered the use of a career coaching service if you:

  • Are unemployed and have been unable to successfully find a new job.
  • Have been invited to several interviews but did not receive a job offer or request to interview further with the organization.
  • Have sent out a large volume of CV’s and applications, without response or comment from any of the businesses you applied to.
  • Are considering a career change, and you are not sure what retraining you may need, or certifications required, to apply for new roles.
  • Returning to work after a lengthy absence (education, child or elder care, or personal illness) and you feel that your skills may require refreshing to rejoin the workforce.

The tangible reasons for using a career coach vary.  For some people, a career coach can also be a valuable resource to help determine if they should be re-training or considering a new role, particularly if the candidate feels ‘stuck’ or unhappy in their current career.  Some individuals learn how to master the job interview, and improve interview success rates, by working closely with a career coach to identify areas that require improvement.

Many management level and C-Level executives routinely use the services of a career coach, to evaluate current activities and management styles against changing expectations and requirements in their industry.  In our experience, professional executives benefit from having a third-party who can provide suggestions to improve personal branding, and other essential aspects that promote career advancement and new opportunities.

How Does It Work?

The first step in customizing an individualized career plan, begins with a discussion about your professional experience and work history.  By evaluating your current skills, and the transferrable skills you have acquired through previous roles, the career coach can then present opportunities and approaches to strengthen areas that could benefit from improvement.

The second step is where the professional begins to refine the type of role, and industry that would be best suited for them.  This can involve talking to other professionals or hiring managers, regarding the competitive skills that they look for, when sourcing talent.  Some individuals feel they are in the right role, but within the wrong niche industry (or vice versa).  Your career coach will help you articulate your ideal position and prospective employers who may fit the criteria, in your local area.

Additional resources are provided to individuals, which can include review of interview style and technique, quality of CV and references (personal and professional) and the identification of any other obstacles that may be impeding job-search progress.  In some cases, the career coach may also recommend online training and certifications that are known to be favored by employers, hiring within the sector.

Working with an unbiased human resource professional is a valuable opportunity to expand your understanding of how corporations view your credentials, experience and presentation during the job search process.  These insights help hone your job search skills and improve on essential strengths required to stand out competitively, in your search. 

Career Coaching Can Improve Your Business Networking Skills

For some individuals, person to person networking is an area of weakness that a career coach can help by training best practice methods.  Individuals who are employed in sales roles for instance, can gain insight into new and untapped areas of personal networking, where they can grow.

Why do businesses value professionals who have advanced networking skills? Career professionals who can network effectively may:

  • engage with new customer prospects, and increase sales or service leads
  • make valuable business connections for new service providers, or strategic partners
  • confidently represent the organization to external stakeholders
  • engage in discovery and competitive industry research more effectively
  • become more effective communicators with clients and team members

Watch for more information as we plan to launch our career coaching services at reesmarx.  If you have a question regarding available training through our professional coaching team, visit our contact page and connect with us for more information.

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