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Utilize This Time for Proactive Talent Acquisition and Be Prepared for Economic Recovery

The globalization of business has provided infinite growth advantages. During the first global pandemic we have seen since the Spanish Influenza of 1918, we have quickly realized how interconnected each country in terms of supply, manufacturing production, logistics and other industrial factors.   There are no nations in the world that have not been impacted socially and economically by the COVID-19 viral pandemic; we are very much in unchartered territory.

Businesses have had to quickly create or implement contingency plans, to cope with staffing needs while providing the safest environment possible for their team, in compliance with regional public health ordinances.  But should your business continue to actively recruit and interview for staffing needs during the COVID-19 pandemic? It is a very difficult time but we know we will return to some kind of normality over the coming months, it is those companies that are bold in their planning now who will be ahead when the revival starts. 

But what is your business plan when the pandemic bell curve flattens out, and global economies rebound and surge after the healthcare crisis resolution?   Throughout history there is a pattern and proof of post disaster or conflict economical recovery. Will your business have enough employees, and the right leadership and talent to get back to full capacity, once the pandemic is behind us and peak business demand resumes? Many of our clients are still engaged in hiring in key locations in Europe, APAC and the Americas with recruitment and interviewing activities continuing, even in consideration of the current pandemic and economic slow down. We have some strategic insights to share with you:   

Response planning at its best: Recruiting, onboarding and training processes take an average of three months at least (up to 6/9 months for senior hires due to notice periods) before a newly acquired employee can start contributing as a productive member of the team.

Post-pandemic competition for top talent will again peak. There is an advantage in searching for talented new hires right now, when recruitment and search activities are reduced.  A competitive advantage for any organization.

The pool of interested employees may be greater, given the experiences (positive and negative) that some professionals may have had with their current employer.  Were top talented employees and innovators more likely to leave an employer after a negative experience during the pandemic? Talent that would not be available otherwise?  Yet another strategic advantage to recruiting and interviewing now, for post-pandemic economic recovery and business needs.

Availability for interviews.  With quarantine and public health requirements landing most non-essential professionals at home by law, it affords professionals some extra time to consider their career.  To explore new employment opportunities, and to schedule video interviews easily from home. Also, hiring managers are also at home and can spend useful time perusing candidates information and interviewing via VC.

At reesmarx, we consistently intake quality professionals through our candidate search service worldwide.  Our database of qualified and skilled candidates continues to grow weekly.  Our concierge approach to recruitment does not just ‘fill chairs’ for our business clients.  We address all aspects of skill, leadership qualities, reliability and retention and cultural fit, to provide our business clients with professional candidates that will successfully integrate and contribute as a productive team member.

We know that right now, for business owners, there is a lot of work going on to develop strategies and accommodations to navigate your organization through this difficult period.  We also know that this situation will not last forever, and when it is over, there will be a global spike in hiring and recruitment demand.

Plan now for that economic rebound, because it is coming. And that peak demand for talented professionals will also make recruitment more competitive and time intensive after this crisis is over. Let our consultants at reesmarx help you develop your hiring strategy, so that your business can engage in talent acquisition now and be prepared for a post-pandemic surge of demand and productivity. 

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