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The Importance of Global Networking

Business professionals network all the time. Networking helps to boost your career by connecting you with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, learn new insights, and making long-lasting professional relationships. But networking goes beyond the individual. In fact, it’s a great tool for startups through to established businesses. As your business begins to take off, it’s a smart idea to look beyond your country to globalize your organization and enter new markets. That’s where global networking comes in; to help you make connections with other business professionals in your industry to give you advice and open your business up to new opportunities. 

Being proactive about global networking before going global helps you to familiarize yourself with the culture and business etiquette within your target country. Different countries may have business formalities vastly different from those in your home country. To see some examples, check out our Destination Guides located in the reesmarx Resource Hub. Understanding these differences is critical to success, and business who fail to appreciate and adapt are likely offend business partners and hinder their international growth. 

Global networking and creating partnerships with other international businesses can open doors for you and your company. When you go global, you’re not just entering a new country, you’re entering new market. A business’s main goal is to bring value to every market they enter whether it be at their home location or in a new country. Like differences in business etiquette, other countries have different ways in which buyers and sellers facilitate the exchange of goods and services. By obligation, businesses entering new countries must adapt to the function of their market. Through interacting and speaking with your global business network, you’ll be able to get a better understanding of their market, prospective customers, and how you, as a business owner, can make decisions that tend to your new consumer base. 

Collaboration is one of global networking’s greatest perks. Members of business networking groups are always looking for bigger and better ways to innovate and promote their products. Participating in the exchange of ideas within a global network has often led to the production of new products and improved selling tactics. For business professionals finding it difficult to complete pending projects, a global network can help to give new perspectives on what work they have already done and how it can be improved. Sometimes we just need a second set of eyes on our work to make sure that what we’re doing is or will be effective. Some of your networking partners may have more expertise in a particular area and will be able to give you ideas and tips on how you can improve your product or service to promote its success. Networking partners benefit by being able to participate in new global product launches, or complete their previously pending projects, while increasing their brand awareness overseas.

Global networking groups are a great way of indicating the strengths and weaknesses of your own company. Most likely, many of the connections you make are with people in and around your industry which can help you get a higher-level perspective on the performance of your businesses in comparison to your partners’ organizations. When you find something within your company that needs improvement, you can look at what your networking partners do in that area to make improvements. On the other hand, you can take notice of what’s not working for your partners and use it as an example of what to avoid.

Networking is a vital asset to career and business success; even more so if you plan on beginning your global expansion journey. Now is the best time to get started, especially with the abundance of online platforms available that make it easier than ever to connect with like-minded business professionals and leaders in your industry. Get to networking and see your business rise to its full potential as you enter the international stage.

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