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The Impact of A.I. on Recruitment

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way we work and means that technology can now undertake a number of tasks, once performed by humans. This has received mixed reviews in recent years. Many are concerned about the future of certain jobs as AI continues to evolve and increasingly finds its way into the workplace.

In terms of recruitment, there are a number of pros and cons to using these technologies during the hiring process. Below, we will discuss in more detail the impact AI is having on recruitment and whether this is changing the industry for the better.

Saving recruiters time

One of the most time-consuming parts of the hiring process is having to manually sift through a huge number of CVs and applications. By using software such as ATSs, recruiters can now leave this part of the process in the hands of this new technology. This is done through matching keywords and criteria from the job description, with what’s on the CV.

This is saving recruiters a huge amount of time but does pose new challenges. Firstly, this can cause problems for job hunters who now must consider the use of an ATS when writing their CV.  However, for recruiters, this could also spell trouble, causing them to miss potentially great candidates who weren’t able to get their application past the bots.

Streamlining the process on both sides

The good news is, this time saving method shortens the hiring process for both parties. This means less time to hire for recruiters, but also, job hunters being able to secure themselves a role quicker and spend less time waiting for a response from hiring managers or employers. 

What’s more, new technologies can automatically schedule interviews, saving recruiters from having to conduct the more admin tasks. There are also several chatbots that can answer candidates’ common questions, so that recruiters don’t have to. This makes the whole process more streamlined on both sides.

Removing bias from the recruitment process

Technology is also able to help remove some of the bias (whether conscious, or unconscious) from the recruitment process. AI systems do not hold any bias or judgement, they assess candidates based solely on the criteria they are given. Therefore, this could be a good way to alleviate this problem from the industry. This will also boost candidates’ chances of securing a new job.

Don’t underestimate the human element

One of the key concerns about AI in recruitment is that it is eliminating the need for people at all. And while some tasks may no longer require a human at the helm, they will never completely remove the need for the human element. After all, recruitment is about building relationships with clients and candidates and technology simply can’t do this.

Final thoughts

It’s clear that there are several pros and cons for using AI in recruitment, but this is a trend that is increasingly catching on and something we cannot ignore. These technologies can aid both recruiters and job hunters throughout the process and could be the answer to eliminating bias in the industry.

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