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Glyn Rees

Glyn Rees

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The Coronavirus Has Changed Global Recruitment and Retention Strategies in 3 Ways

The Coronavirus Has Changed Global Recruitment and Retention Strategies in 3 Ways

When it comes to hiring global talent, the COVID-19 health emergency has upended many organizational policies and processes and caused disruption to productivity as employee working practices around the world changed at short notice.

To get back on track through this crisis, companies are re-assessing hiring plans which were paused because of the global health emergency. What challenges will businesses face as they resume normal operations?  Is now the time to define your hiring strategy for the duration of 2020.

1. Embrace A Remote Interview Process  

We have been assisting companies expand and hire global talent across EMEA, Americas and APAC for over 19 years, facilitating hiring processes across many locations and time-zones. Although a face to face interview is often be the final stage, in most cases the decision to hire has already been made prior to this meeting. On-line interviews and assessments have been part of our process internally and with clients, for many years. Remote hiring is here for good.

As a recent example, a Senior Sales Director placement that was finalised last week involved a hiring Manager in Sweden, collaborating with other team members in the USA. The candidate was in Germany and reesmarx facilitated the end to end process for the client. The candidate accepted after having several video conferences, and a final presentation, with a June 2020 start date. This is typical of the clients we support, where speed and agility throughout the hiring process is key to securing top talent. We have placed candidates for our clients in nearly every region worldwide and there are many advantages to having a nationally or globally diversified team.

2. Reconsider Conventional Onboarding Procedures for New Hires

Social distancing and health safety requirements have significantly changed the way we interview and hire candidates. In many ways, the changes are good.  Video conferences can for instance, be recorded (with the permission of the candidate) and reviewed by the entire executive team, as part of a collaborative hiring process.

The new hire needs to be efficient and effective.  Do you have strategies in place to help effectively onboard new hires when they are working remotely?  Our team at reesmarx makes sure the remote hiring project is a seamless ‘partnership’ that helps your business find, recruit and onboard the competitive talent you need to grow.

This new way of hiring globally, where clients need to focus on competent hiring through efficient remote working – is the way reesmarx has hired for clients for over a decade. We have expertise in facilitating seamless recruitment and achieving retention goals for our clients.

3. Anticipate Loss of Talent from Your Organization

Many businesses were required to furlough or ‘lay off’ full-time employees, because of economic impacts from the COVID-19 health emergency. Employees have endured inconveniences but have also been supported by stimulus payments in many countries, to meet income needs.

Businesses are optimistic as they prepare for a slow re-integration of their staff back to full-time employment.  However, there may be attrition of employees, or loss of talent after the quarantine restrictions are lifted. Even while many corporations and mid-level businesses are staying in contact with employees; there is no guarantee they will return. 

While businesses do not want to entertain the idea that some of the most talented members of your team may not come back at all, it is a very probable reality.  Are you prepared to recruit and onboard new team members?  Have you identified which employees would be deemed a critical loss to the productivity of essential operations?  We can help. For those that have to leave because of this crisis make sure they have the best chance of getting a new role and offer them career counselling assistance, we have started offering our remote career counselling services to assist some of the middle to senior people clients have had to let go.

Expert Global Recruitment and Human Resource Consulting Delivered

Are businesses still hiring and proceeding with human resource expansion plans right now? Yes. They know that the coronavirus health emergency has only slowed (not stopped) global business expansion and growth, it is imperative that companies keep their businesses in operational mode ready to take advantage of the ‘ bounce back ‘, when it comes and it will come, there will be some who are ready to move their businesses forward, good people in place will make the difference.

We provide lean recruitment strategies to help our clients meet their objectives. At reesmarx, we have extensive experience and a consistent track record of acquiring top talent in global growth markets.  

Stay Agile with Hiring, Recruitment and Retention: Work With reesmarx

It is imperative that companies re-invent their global hiring methods with increased remote working and a’ just in case mentality’ we see many prospects and clients seeking the advantage of a truly flexible partner, like reesmarx  to assist globally and locally.

As the global business community begins to emerge from the coronavirus health emergency, a rebound of the economy is predicted.  Will your business be ready to take advantage of that surge in new opportunities?  Will you have the competitive teams you need to recover and exceed your growth strategies for 2020?

Hiring and recruitment require an agile strategy, more now than ever before. Our clients rely on our executive human resource consultants to help create the strategies that will reduce costs, acquire the best available human capital in your market(s), and develop effective retention plans. 

Let us help your business build a strategy to win, during the global economic recovery.  Contact [email protected] to discuss our services and get started. 

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