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Nick Gilmour

Nick Gilmour

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The Challenge of Oversea Expansion for Brands and Business

If your business has decided to become one of thousands of companies who pursue new market opportunities abroad, it can be an exciting time for the organization.   The decision to invest in overseas expansion comes with extensive strategic planning and cost versus value benefit, and it can take years for a business to determine their best foreign market opportunities.

One of the things that few businesses (small or large) are aware of, is the number of social, language, political and logistical barriers for brands entering into foreign markets.  In addition, lacking established resources equivalent to the domestic location (head office) many brands find it difficult to manage the expenses related to set up, staffing and even site selection and real estate negotiation.   In a different country, the rules of business are frequently quite different; we’ll discuss two obstacles and explain the advantages of working with a qualified team of consultants and staffing professionals.

Site Selection and Lease Negotiation

Does your business know what a competitive rate is for leasing or purchasing space in a foreign country?  Whether your brand requires an administrative office, a manufacturing facility or a wholesale distribution center (or all three), finding the ideal location can be a challenge.  Of course, after finding some suitable alternatives, negotiating a fair price for the space is hampered; businesses are penalized in their negotiation power.  Cost research aside, when it comes to negotiating, non-local businesses are at a disadvantage, and frequently pay the premium for being a foreign organization.  It is not just the language barrier either; predatory pricing is a common experience for businesses who expand overseas.

Our qualified partners at reesmarx are at the ground level of virtually every high growth country around the world. They can assist by conducting site research and alternatives, cost analysis and recommendations.   When a business location has been decided upon, we advocate for our corporate partners negotiate the best possible terms that are cost-competitive in the region.   By having someone local on the ground with your team, we can ensure that your new location will be the best choice for your growing brand.

Finding Qualified Staff: How reesmarx Can Reduce Costs

For decades, our qualified team has helped SME’s and large corporations source strategic staffing needs globally.  Our database of qualified candidates grows continuously with intake from all countries around the world.  When it comes time to find the right team for our clients, we draw from some of the brightest and most talented prospective employees available in the area.

In each country we serve, reesmarx is able to be onsite to interview and process candidates for all positions, from administrative support to technology professionals in I.T., management and supervisory potentials and general production or manufacturing staffing.  As recruitment professionals, reesmarx is able to streamline the process to reduce the amount of time and expense involved in finding and screening qualified applicants.  This in turn, saves our clients the frustration and effort of the recruiting process; our clients can simply choose from the best recommended candidates.

Businesses who are expanding overseas have a number of priorities; poor hiring or new employee turnover should not be one of them.   We can also save time and money by providing labor market statistics and salary data to ensure that your business is paying at a competitive rate, but not overpaying by average earnings for the region.

At reesmarx, we have decades of experience helping businesses overcome the barriers and obstacles of overseas expansion.  We realize that while having established resources and support in your country of origin allows for seamless operation, entering into a foreign country as a business entity can be rife with complications that can be difficult to manage from home.  We offer a corporate ground level support and experienced personnel in high growth international regions including:

  • North America
  • South America
  • Southern and Eastern Europe
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Middle East
  • Asia Pacific
  • Nordics
  • DACH
  • Benelux

No matter what stage or level of strategic planning your business is engaged in, if you are expanding overseas, we invite you to learn more about our recruiting and business consulting services.  Read more about corporate case studies and brands we have successfully assisted, and contact us to schedule a consultation.

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