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Technology and Start Up Influencers You Can Follow on Twitter

Twitter is one of the most business friendly social networks for acquiring information and industry news daily.   For a business professional, Twitter presents an opportunity to be motivated daily by insights, comments and chats that pertain to your business and career.

Would you like to keep an eye on some of the most exciting and technology start-up professionals around the world?   We’ve picked some technology influencers we think you should follow, to stay informed and inspired in your career.

Fred Wilson

An American businessman and venture capitalist, Fred Wilson is the co-founder of Union Square Ventures in New York City.   He is known for pivotal investments in then emerging web 2.0 companies like Twitter, Tumblr, Zynga, and Kickstarter.   With over 550 thousand followers, Wilson’s engagement in technology extends to his philanthropy, as he connects programmers and code writers in New York with underprivileged children who wish to learn software design.

Follow Fred Wilson on Twitter.

Kevin Rose

With 1.61 million followers on Twitter, the technology venture capitalist from New York has great insights on both business and life.  The founder and CEO of Digg began exploring computers at the age of eight, and by the time he reached college, he was already a prolifically talented program writer and coder.  He launched Digg in 2004 with a personal investment of $1,200 U.S., and the company is currently valued at over $250 million dollars. His early technology investments included Facebook, and Twitter.

Follow Kevin Rose on Twitter.

Michael Arrington

It is safe to assume that the founder of TechCrunch (the online media outlet from Palo Alto, California) would be a valuable resource for news.  You can find him commenting about venture capitalism, technology start up’s and digital marketing to more than two-hundred thousand followers on Twitter.

Follow Michael Arrington on Twitter.

Bill Gurley

The General Partner at Benchmark Capital started as a design engineer for Compaq Computer, where he was part of the first multiple processor server.   Gurley spent time on Wall Street as a research analyst, and was considered top in his field.  Bill Gurley was the lead analyst on the IPO, and tweets about venture capitalism specific to technology brands to almost four-hundred thousand followers.  He is also listed as a “Forbes Midas” member.

Follow Bill Gurley on Twitter.

For career professionals who are looking to advance, connecting to technology influencers not only provides insight, but a reminder of how far your career can progress within the global technology sector.   From programmers to analytics, and cyber security professionals, the demand for IT is projected to continue growing exponentially, creating exciting career opportunities worldwide.

If you are a certified and experienced technology professional, start exploring exciting new opportunities with start-up companies, or corporations around the globe.  At reesmarx, we connect qualified technology experts with dynamic organizations.   Create your free candidate profile today.

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