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Sara Buttle on Ten Years of Excellence in Recruitment with reesmarx

A career as a professional recruiter requires a passion for connecting great people to fabulous employers.  For ten years, Sara Buttle has worked as a key member of the international resourcing team here at reesmarx, and it is a role that she is enthusiastic and passionate about.

We asked Sara to share some of her insights as a professional recruiter for our blog.

How has the profession of recruiting changed?

“Over the past ten years, I have seen the recruitment industry change significantly, mainly through the increased use of social media channels and networking databases.  I do far fewer face-to-face interviews and more phone and skype meetings, but this does not affect the results; in most cases it speeds up the process.”

What is your average work day like?

“There is a lot of variety in my role, but a typical day usually includes pre-screening around ten (10) candidates and assessing their suitability for the positions I’m working on.  The candidates I will be interviewing are all in the technology sector, but they could have sales, marketing, professional services, pre-sales, finance, HR or a technical background which makes it more interesting from a resourcing perspective.”

What is one of the most rewarding aspects of your career?

“I love the fact that I work internationally and will be speaking to candidates in Singapore, German, Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, the Middle East, Belgium, or the Nordics to name a few. I have worked with some really interesting technology companies ranging from VC funded start-ups to large global brands.”

What is one of the most challenging functions of your role in resourcing?

“The biggest obstacle is keeping the recruitment process moving, and it’s my job to manage the candidates and make sure momentum isn’t lost on both sides.  Managing a long interview process involving many stakeholders in the business in several locations can be frustrating.  The offer stage is also a very delicate part of the process and involves a lot of time, listening and negotiations back and forward.

My role as a resourcer is incredibly varied and no two days are the same. I enjoy being part of a team and working so closely with people all day makes it very interesting, and at times very unpredictable.  I am looking forward to the next ten years!”

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