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reesmarx Partner with Open-Xchange

OX develops, markets and sells integrated tools for the app and mobile-economy that enable full collaboration of email, documents, scheduling and social media. Built for the cloud, their flagship product connects business and personal worlds, across devices and legacy systems. Sold and delivered through cloud and hosting providers, telecoms and local Internet services companies, the product is the powerful engine for their  partners to give individuals the freedom to collaborate, work and communicate the way they want.

OX is a privately-held company with its US headquarters located in San Jose and offices in New York and across Germany.

About reesmarx:

For over twenty years, reesmarx has been a leading provider of international recruitment and business expansion services.

For corporations and brands who embrace the limitless opportunities of a global market, reesmarx specializes in navigating the barriers with a team of experienced recruitment and businessdevelopment professionals. We provide recruitment and business services to corporate clients around the world in key markets including:

  • The Americas
  • DACH
  • Benelux
  • Southern and Eastern Europe
  • UK and Ireland
  • Middle East
  • Asia Pacific  
  • Nordics

Business challenge:

When Open-Xchange decided to expand their operations, reesmarx had the combination of experience they were looking for. 

  • Attracting the best candidates in a highly competitive market
  • Targeting the right skill set from the technology sector
  • The need for flexible solutions to support international expansion
  • Reducing time spent on recruitment  by senior management
  • The need for research and market feedback

The solution:
reesmarx set up a Partnership Network agreement to source a number of key positions. With a dedicated Account Manager responsible for end to end management of the project, OX had a single point of contact throughout the project and a dedicated Resourcing Team identifying and approaching candidates from target companies. As specialists in the technology sector, reesmarx were able to draw on their experience and wide network of contacts to target the best talent in the market.

The result:
With reesmarx’s guidance, OX has successfully hired:

  • SVP Sales
  • VP of Professional Services
  • Senior Sales

for the Americas within the last 2+ years.  The success of the team has been excellent and with recent strategic acquisitions reesmarx is assisting with additional hires for their Americas team. Currently, reesmarx is recruiting for positions in their sales, services and support team including Sales Director, Solutions Architect/Pre-Sales and Support roles.

If you would like to hear more details or are interested in new opportunities please reach out to: Matt Mann, Business Development Executive, Americas + 1 (0) 704-746-3061

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