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reesmarx Europe Continues with Further Growth Over Last Year

‘So far so good’ says Glyn Rees, Managing Partner at reesmarx europe  ‘ Even in these difficult times, reesmarx europe has seen further growth on last year, with increased placements  for many Technology companies throughout Europe, many via our contingency with commitment service-Partnership Network. We will look at the 6 monthly figures at the end of September but we are ahead of last year and ready to invest in more people and geographical areas. The European market is very difficult at the present time with many Technology recruitment companies believing they are saving money setting up ‘in house’ recruitment operations. Even after they set up  ‘ in house’ ventures, reesmarx europe are used, as we can offer better candidates throughout Europe from a database and network of over 45,000 candidates from the European Technology market which has been built up over 10 years ’

Hopefully, we will see a better economic climate in Europe over the coming months so that we can see real growth across all economies and after the American election, more US Technology companies will look to grow their businesses throughout Europe. With the cyclical nature of economics, there has to be an upturn soon and reesmarx europe will be ready for the need in further growth in people needs across Europe.

In the last 6 months reesmarx europe has taken on further sales personnel, French and German speakers, so as to be able to offer our services in the local language, where possible. Also, the experience that exists within reesmarx europe assists our recruitment services to our Technology clients, some of the reesmarx personel have over 10 years experience in this market and recruit each and every day, increasing our market knowledge, therefore, placing candidates across Europe more efficiently and effectively saving time and money.

At the end of September 2012 we hope to continue this growth during these difficult times and start offering further services – watch this space.

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