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Recruitment on a Global Scale with Local Knowledge: A Swedish Perspective

Article contributed by Nora Albasim, Resourcing Consultant at reesmarx (London).  Follow Nora on LinkedIn


Recruiting for clients in over 30 countries demands that we have, not only global knowledge of the market but also local knowledge about the country we are recruiting in. At reesmarx, we understand that every country works in a different way. As a member of the international resourcing team at reesmarx, I enjoy using my knowledge of the Swedish market to really understand what both clients and candidates across the Nordic region want and match their needs accordingly.

Global – Local understanding

We know for example, that in our experience Swedish people like to work structurally and are very open to new opportunities but it’s important for them to understand their personal growth and the growth of the company. The recruitment process is considered and often slower in pace than it might be for our American clients and candidates. This impacts the recruitment process and how we, as specialist recruiters, manage expectations along the way.

We recently recruited in the Nordic region for a U.S. based software vendor who was completely new to that market. They were looking for a niche role (analytic software sales to the FS market) across the Nordic region and were very specific in their requirements for both skills and personal fit. The role was also extremely urgent due to their expansion plans and we could support them throughout that process by using our local understanding of the region and our global knowledge gained over 20 years of working in the technology sector.

To find the perfect candidate we utilised our extensive network (over 80.000 contacts) and the local competitors of our client to identify and target potential candidates for our shortlist. Understanding the local market and competitive landscape ensured that we identity the right talent and attracted passive candidates into the process. Knowing which companies to approach and how to manage the expectations of candidates in the Nordics, saved our client a significant amount of time. The result was that we placed a candidate who had not been looking for a new opportunity but appreciated the way we were able to present our client and manage the end to end recruitment process.

Cultural fit – Cultural add

Our typical client profile is software companies in high growth mode and this usually means they will be expanding overseas. The reason our clients continue to work with us is that we use our local knowledge to ensure that candidates are not only a good fit, but add value to the company.

CV screening is just the first step in the process. It’s not enough to determine if it a candidate is a good fit or not. Our dedicated resourcing team dig deeper and work hard to source candidates who will transition smoothly into a new culture but will add value though their contributions to the growth of the company.

One of the reasons why reesmarx has been so successful is that our dedicated resourcing team works “behind the scenes” to provide the knowledge needed to find the best shortlist of candidates available from our resourcing hubs located in every major market around the world.

A good example is when we worked for a Swedish company that wanted expand in the UK. When we started working with them we helped them find their first graphic designer in the UK, they were so happy with the results that we ended up helping them expand worldwide as well.

Another good example would be when we worked with a German company that needed one sales person to become the first for them in Sweden. After reviewing the shortlist of candidates that reesmarx provided, they couldn’t decide between two of the candidates because they were so happy with both that they ended up hiring both instead of just one. This level of success cannot be achieved without having a clear view of what the client is looking for to expand their business.

In summary, the team at reesmarx understands that it all comes down to quality hiring when growing the business or the brand. That’s why we have hubs all around the world including UAE, United States and APAC as well as a network of professional partners that will assist with all the legal aspects of international business expansion. Whether you are a candidate looking for a new opportunity, or a client looking to expand, our expert team will help you achieve your goal.  Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

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