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Press Release: Expanded IT Consulting and Professional Services – reesmarx partners with Urgenci

Furthering our dedication as an internationally recognized resource provider, Urgenci and reesmarx are pleased to further expand our services, through a new strategic partnership.

We are pleased to announce that this partnership joins the IT Consulting and Professional Services of Urgenci, with the Global Business Solutions expertise of reesmarx, as part of an expanded offering to our international clients. With offices in Seattle and Charlotte, Urgenci has extended their reach to support large, national brands and corporate clients.

The new global collaboration effectively expands Urgenci’s service footprint, while enabling clients to leverage Subject Matter Experts with project specific focus. 

 “More and more companies are looking for smaller, specialized firms who are nimble and able to support multiple complex projects at the same time in multiple geographies.  This partnership with reesmarx will give us that reach we don’t have today.” 

– Tom Taft, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Urgenci. 

“Partnering with Urgenci expands reesmarx’s service offerings to include project based teams as well as short term resource solutions.  In many cases, this is a quick win for our clients who are seeking a skill set that they do not have today or by expanding their resource pool to flex with their growing businesses”

 – Glyn Rees, Managing Partner International, reesmarx.

About Urgenci

Urgenci bridges the gap in professional services, by offering customized business and omnichannel and cross disciplined technology solutions across the United States. Our customers are technology C-level leaders, VPs, directors, managers, and project owners who oversee technology critical to their business and to customers.

We onboard each client, with a focused outreach that identifies corporate culture, organizational work flow and management structures, to tailor technology solutions for each business we work with. 

For more information about Urgenci, please visit us at: 

About reesmarx

reesmarx is a leading provider of international recruitment and business solutions. For corporations and brands who embrace the limitless opportunities of a global market, reesmarx specializes in navigating barriers and obstacles to business expansion.  

Our team of experienced recruitment and business development professionals provide recruitment and business services for clients around the world.  At reesmarx, we offer professional localized consulting and recruitment support in all developing and key markets including: 

        • The Americas
        • DACH
        • Benelux
        • Southern and Eastern Europe
        • Nordics 
        • UK and Ireland
        • Middle East
        • Asia Pacific 

For more information about reesmarx, and our Global Business Solutions team, please visit:

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