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Obstacles to Expansion: Hiring Key Staff in Foreign Countries

If your organization is committed to expanding B2B or business to consumer products or services overseas, an important part of your strategy will be finding key personnel.   Consider that a number of obstacles exist for businesses, including language barriers, cultural indoctrination, and legislation and labor laws that vary by country.

Hiring staff for international offices can quickly escalate costs.  The global team at reesmarx are expert international resource professionals, who align consulting, recruiting and technology services that support international business.    We’ll discuss some of the hurdles of long-distance hiring, and how a regional consultant can save you both time and money.

Finding Talented Applicants

Would employees in foreign country be eager to accept employment with a company that is based overseas?  While the idea appeals to some, for many international candidates, there are concerns that can include assessing the reliability of the company, the financial viability of the job offer, as well as cultural fit.  Will an American owned office environment be a culture shock for employees in Singapore?  Will it be something they can adapt to, and indoctrinate themselves as a team in a multicultural, multinational environment?

These are the fears that recruiters confront when interviewing applicants.   Culture, the work environment and work/life balance factor more heavily in certain countries, and finding the right fit in terms of personality, openness and flexibility can be difficult, without a local recruiter.   Background checks and references are also easier to verify with a professional who not only speaks the language of business in area, but who is also networked in with the business community.   A local recruiting professional can reduce mis-hires, and the cost of retraining by hiring the right candidates the first time.

Regional Salary and Benefit Requirements

In the United States, salaried workers are often exempted from earning over-time pay.  The expectation in most organizations is that all salaried workers will perform within the role, and that includes working extra hours where required.   Naturally there are some caveats to balance this off for the American worker, including flex-time, paid vacation, sick or medical leave time and other accommodations.

Did you know that in most European countries however, only the top level of senior executives are exempt from overtime pay by legislated regulations?  From entry-level to middle management in Europe, employees enjoy a culture of working set hours, or being compensated for hours that extend beyond their contract.

When it comes to compensating international employees, businesses should be prepared to research labor market laws, health and wellness benefits, standard incentives and legal requirements. The amount of time it takes to ensure that your business will be in compliance (particularly if expanding to more than one international location) is expensive and time consuming.  At reesmarx, we offer consultants and recruitment professionals regionally to assist our clients with the expertise of a local hiring manager.

At reesmarx, we know that brands and businesses rely on quality hires and teams to grow.  That is why we recommend the use of a dedicated team of recruitment professionals who understand your brand, the culture of your organization, and your objectives.    The relationship we establish with our global clients allows us to hand-select only the most qualified and interpersonally suited professionals for your needs.  High-calibre and performance oriented staff that will help you reach your goals.

We are present in virtually all emerging markets and technology hubs around the world, including APAC, the United States, and the UAE.  Our network of partners support seamless resourcing services to SME’s and corporations who are expanding overseas.  Contact us to learn more about our international team.

For more reading: “Ten Keys Steps to Expanding Your Business Globally” by Michael Evans, for Forbes Magazine.

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