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Ray Tomasco

Ray Tomasco

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(Pictured from left to right: Ray Tomasco, Managing Partner USA, Glyn Rees, Managing Partner Europe, Matt Mann, Business Development, and Kris Rene, Business Development.)

This month, we sat down with Kris Rene, Business Development Associate with reesmarx USA to find out what the company has been up to recently.

Established in 2000 and now with offices across the globe, reesmarx specializes in business expansion and recruitment solutions in Europe, Middle East and the United States. When looking to set up a presence in the US, reesmarx chose Charlotte, where five employees currently operate.

Since landing in Charlotte, reesmarx has spent a majority of the time assisting local North Carolina companies and US based technology companies to expand worldwide. Kris and company plan to find and assist any North Carolina companies looking to expand operations into international markets.

“We help with market research, to make sure they’re going into the right area, helping them establish a legal entity to make sure they’re compliant with international law, and then continue through that system and recruit employees in those international markets that they expanded to,” said Kris.

What trends has Kris and the Charlotte team noticed while recruiting in the area?

“One of the biggest things we’ve noticed, especially in the last 8-12 months, is we’ve been getting a lot of growth in the cyber security area, both in the US and internationally,” said Kris. “Many security companies are expanding and growing, so we’ve been doing a decent amount of global recruitment in that area as well as the hosting industry and eCommerce.”

By getting involved with NCTA, Kris and the reesmarx team hope to make lasting connections and relationships in the North Carolina tech community.

“The idea of joining was for us to attend events that made sense to us, based on the topic of the event, and to help us better create connections with people that would normally be harder to get in touch with.”

Connect with Kris on Linkedin or Email.

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