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New GDPR Regulations: What We Are Doing to Secure Your Data Privacy

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect on May 25, 2018.   To adhere to regulation compliance, reesmarx is providing full disclosure about our retention, storage and use of personal data, and the steps we have taken to give our candidates more control over their personal data.

What Personal Data Does Our Business Retain and How Do We Use It?

At reesmarx, we provide international recruitment services, connecting leading organisations with qualified C-Level executive leaders, technology professionals, human resource managers and other skilled career candidates. When a career seeker establishes a candidate profile on our website, they fill out a detailed profile regarding their career history, the types of permanent employment opportunities they are qualified for, and additional information should the candidate wish to upload their curriculum vitae (CV) or resume.

When candidates are applying for opportunities with employers in other countries, this information can be shared internationally, depending on where the central hiring office is located for our client (the employer). 

This information may include:

  • Legal name and surname
  • Mailing address, telephone and email contact information
  • Previous work history (including prior employers and business titles)
  • Professional references (if furbished in the CV)
  • Technical skills and aptitudes
  • Preferred location of career placement

This information is retained for the exclusive purpose of matching qualified candidates to employers, who use our global team at reesmarx, to resource skilled labor and executive talent.  The candidate profiles are retained in a password protected and secure environment, and accessible only by recruiters who are working with our clients (employers) to source qualified applicants.   Candidate information is only shared with employers, after the career professional has expressed consent to apply competitively for the available employment role.

When one of our recruiters finds a skills and experience match, they contact the candidate to provide information about the career opportunity, the employer, and schedule a preliminary interview to discuss the role in greater detail.   Candidates are then scheduled for an interview, with our client (the employer).

We do not share or distribute the information found in our candidate profiles, without the consent of the candidate, who agrees to being competitively presented by our recruiters, for approved career opportunities that align with their target employment profile.

We have recently updated our Privacy Policy in compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  Please click here to review our new privacy policy and contact us if you have any questions regarding our storage or use of your personal information for the purpose of presenting your qualifications to organisations.

Ensuring GDPR Compliance at reesmarx

  1. We have a designated Data Protection Officer at reesmarx; Jennifer Dalgleish, Director, EMEA.
  2.  Our recruiters have been trained in compliance for the new GDPR requirements, regarding the secure handling of applicant data, during the job recruitment process.
  3. We have provided a disclosure of how and when candidate data is shared.
  4. The career candidate agrees to the use of the personal data found in the candidate profile for the purpose of career recruitment with employers who are seeking to hire.
  5. We have sent an email regarding our new Privacy Policy to all registered career candidates, including instructions on how to ‘opt out’ from our recruitment services.  The email contains a request form to remove and delete candidate data.
  6. We have augmented our website security to ensure the safe storage and collection of candidate data that is provided by career seekers who register on our site.
  7. If notified by a candidate that they no longer wish to grant access to the data stored within their career profile, this data will be permanently deleted.  If professionals wish to reactivate their candidate profile after requested removal, we will not be able to restore the profile and a new one will need to be created for jobs search with our recruitment team.

As a candidate registered for career opportunities and job search with reesmarx, you have the right to:

  1. Request a copy of the data you currently have in your candidate profile, stored securely in our database.  We will provide this information to you within a thirty-day period.
  2. Edit the information contained in your candidate profile at any time, by logging directly into your password protected candidate profile.
  3. Request permanent deletion of all personal data from your candidate profile.

If you have any questions regarding our use, secure storage and controlled access of data found in your candidate profile, please contact our team.  We will be happy to review our privacy measures and protocols with you.

We look forward to serving our candidates with increased security measures and options, that provide full transparency regarding the use of your personal data, in our recruitment services to you, and to leading organisations around the world.

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