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Major TA Trends to Consider When Building Your Global Team as We Enter 2022

The start of a new year is a great time to begin revising last year’s recruitment strategies to achieve optimal business growth. Trends can change year to year in any industry — the talent acquisition realm is no exception.

Although the global market is edging towards normalcy, the economic trend of workers voluntarily resigning en masse from their positions (otherwise called The Big Quit or The Great Resignation) has continued to rise. Crafting a to accommodate candidate and employee needs improves your business’s acquisition and recruitment processes while improving employee retention rates.

Core areas talent acquisition experts are taking seriously in this new market environment include reassessing their talent management, reconsidering the language used in job descriptions, rethinking how and where they source their best talents and resolving issues within their hiring process.

To begin tackling some of these areas, let’s take a look at the approaches TA experts have predicted could help companies improve their hiring and talent acquisition procedures.

Providing an intimate and personalized experience throughout the hiring process ensures lower drop-out rates among applicants. You wouldn’t want to lose potential talents over a lack of interaction, but manually emailing each applicant is both time and labor-intensive. In this highly competitive job market, the efficacy of your business’s candidate experience management system can either make or break your success in recruiting top talents. To save talent acquisition teams time and effort, developing an automated candidate nurturing system is vital.

Sorting through countless candidates can be an exhaustive and time-consuming process. Luckily, TA leaders have found a solution to data-driven recruiting. Today, talent acquisition teams can develop data systems that automatically collect and analyze data from hundreds of applicants to find the most qualified for select positions. Data-driven recruiting enables talent teams to better collaborate and strengthen essential recruiting and hiring metrics to speed up the hiring process and find quality talents with ease.

Improving internal mobility by up-skilling and re-skilling have become primary aspects of retaining talents and keeping them productive and engaged in their work. In a highly competitive job market, training employees for other internal positions can be easier than hiring new talents. According to most HR leaders, most business operation roles can be filled internally. Spending more time working with employees to learn new skills that would enable them to succeed in more than one position can help employees and the company itself in both the short and long term.

Prioritizing employee engagement and well-being are things that every company should be taking into serious consideration, especially in today’s day and age. By rethinking their employee engagement and tending to their needs, companies can boost employee retention rates, and appeal to job applicants. Candidates want to see that current employees are invested in their work and are happy in their work environment. When businesses can find ways to accommodate in-office and at-home workers in the new hybrid workforce model, employees are more likely to feel heard and appreciated by management.

Talent acquisition leaders predict that mental health and wellness will be key focuses for business leaders and talent acquisition experts in the upcoming year. Amid the pandemic, many workers began to feel burnt out after the switch to fully remote work. Companies that chose to be more flexible with their employees saw better retention rates than those that failed to do the same. Finding ways to accommodate employees when they’re struggling with their mental health will be a potential competitive differentiator between hiring companies throughout 2022 and should be a top priority for those looking to optimize their current and future workforce.

Throughout the next year, TA teams have a lot to consider when figuring out how to hire the best talents to grow their business. With these predictions for TA success in mind, your team will surely be able to achieve success while looking for new hires and increasing retention rates.

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