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Glyn Rees

Glyn Rees

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Key Promotions and New Strategic Growth

As we enter an exciting phase of growth, we are pleased to announce the well deserved promotions of Nick Gilmour as Vice President, Global Operations and Matt Mann as Vice President, Global Sales. Matt will lead the global sales team to offer clients customised global recruitment and expansion services with Nick leading the global resourcing team to deliver an exceptional service to our clients. Both Nick and Matt have played an integral part in the growth of our global business solutions, offering clients a truly seamless experience when fulfilling hiring and expansion plans whether locally in a present market or through major expansion plans worldwide. This has resulted in new projects, in new industries and locations throughout the Americas, EMEA, APAC, India and parts of Africa. ​

​”Nick and Matt form a formidable leadership team and, supported by our regional teams, we are looking forward to building our global presence and continuing to offer a unique combination of recruitment and expansion services to our clients

Glyn Rees, Founder

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