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Five Tips to Help You Dress for Success and Ace Your Interview

Can what you wear to an interview really make a difference, when it comes to landing the job you want? Absolutely.  Remember that you only have one chance to make a good impression, and the first impression is a visual one.

Our team of recruiters has written five tips to help you prepare for your interview:

  1. Tone Down the Color

Is red your favorite color?  Did you know that red is one of the worst colors that you can wear to an interview, according to behavioral psychologists?   The color red is associated with a domineering personality and even a rebellious nature, or someone who is attention seeking.  If you work in the fashion industry, media or a creative occupation, red can actually help you stand out for your creative flair.  But for most professional interviews, right or wrong, it’s considered a figurative ‘red flag’.

Black conveys a sense of leadership, so it is the ideal choice if you are interviewing for a management or supervisory role.  Again however, if you are applying for an assistant or support role, it may send the wrong cue.  Navy blue, green, white, and tan colors are usually favorable for virtually any interview, and make a polished impression.

  1. Shoes Made for Walking

Have you ever passed a lady on the street, who appears to be having difficulty walking in her high heels?  Be honest … what was your impression?  While designer shoes themselves may be stunning, the impracticality of them if you are unable to walk while wearing them, may actually hamper your interview.  Settle for stylish but comfortable shoes, and you will also be more relaxed and confident entering and existing the room.

  1. Personal Grooming

While it is a classic concept, facial hair on men is still a matter of contention in professional business environments.  Some start-up organizations are more flexible with both casual attire and personal grooming, but the majority of large businesses and corporations frown on facial hair in general.   Do some research by contacting the receptionist about a dress code within the organization; he or she will be glad to give you some pointers to make sure you are on point with your grooming, before your interview.

  1. Piercings and Tattoos

In some organizations, there are health and safety requirements that prohibit piercings.  Certain jobs can be injurious to you or others, as a result of jewelry in general.  If you have piercings, we advise candidates to remove them before the interview.  If a job offer is tabled, you can ask about the dress code and inquire if it impacts your circumstance.  Right or wrong, many professional business cultures tend to side on traditional attire and grooming, which may not include flexibility when it comes to piercings and tattoos.

  1. Taking Notes

One of the most professional things you can do in an interview is to come prepared with questions and a note pad to reflect on the information you learn about the organization, and the career opportunity.  Invest in an executive styled notepad and quality pen.  Pack light, and if you are a contractor, remember to bring business cards with you.  An executive portfolio makes a polished impression, and conveys that you are serious about the job, and eager to make a good impression.

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