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Five Questions About Recruiting Best Practice With Lyris Autran

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina and a new member of the reesmarx America team, Lyris Autran is a seasoned account and client relationship management professional.   Her specialty in resourcing has allowed her to excel in the areas of technology and financial services recruitment, UX and digital technology procurement, consulting and global placement.

A passionate career coach and intuitive student of team dynamic and evolving workplaces, Lyris has almost ten years of progressive experience as a recruitment professional.   In addition to welcoming this talented new member to our team, we asked Lyris Autran to provide five insights into global personnel procurement, and best practice recommendations for team building and recruitment.

  1. What is the most challenging aspect to sourcing and placing a C-Level executive for a global opportunity?

Recruitment in general isn’t easy but I think, today, executives are increasingly responsible for global teams; finding candidates for global opportunities is not always difficult. I actually think that these candidates also understand the value of speaking to a recruiter to learn about what’s going on in the market. They tend to have a clear path and direction that they want their career to follow and are more than willing to assist in giving recommendations, if the opportunity isn’t something that they don’t feel is the right fit.

The main challenge when trying to source and speak with these types of candidates is that you really have to be able to have a meaningful discussion, in that they expect you to be intimately familiar with the client and what they are trying to achieve. This is where I think reesmarx excels, because when we are usually a client’s dedicated recruiter, we can really learn about an organization and a role, which allows us to have those conversations with busy C-level executives

  1. How does market insight and competitive analysis factor into procurement and recruiting?

Market insight and analysis is invaluable and this is where the client and recruiter start to become true partners with excellent results. Clients’ know their market and those clients that share this information allow for the recruiter to get a jump start in the process. It’s always helpful to have a starting point, and reaching out to those markets/competitors which would make the ideal fit for the client. Also, taking the time to conduct market research, before jumping into a search, also allows the recruiter to have a more meaningful dialogue with candidates.  This relationship with clients and time taken to learn the area, really sets reesmarx apart from other organizations.

  1. Is there an advantage for employers and organizations to work with a dedicated, single recruiter?

Today’s organizations are increasing developing an international presence, and having a dedicated recruiter has several major benefits. A dedicated recruiter truly becomes a partner with the business, and learns about the overall organization both from an operational and cultural standpoint. This in turn, allows for the recruiter to add-value to potential employees, and is able to really give meaningful insights about the company, products, and growth plans.  This information is invaluable to a potential employee and by “telling their story” to one recruiter ensures that message is properly received and saves them time from having to retell to multiple recruiters.

  1. For a management role, what is the average length of time involved in sourcing and placement?

Each role is unique and different and so it’s hard to generalize but the process will ideally wrap up within three months. What sets us apart is that we take the time initially to really understand and listen to what the client needs, therefore when we are presenting candidates, they tend to be close to precisely what the client wants. Most of our clients have global responsibilities, and therefore are very busy traveling so organizing meetings, and interviews is usually the most time-consuming part

  1. What is the most rewarding aspect of your career in global recruitment?

I got into recruitment because I enjoy being a “match maker” – finding that perfect person for their perfect role and really being a value-add for an organization. What makes global recruitment even more exciting is that I get to learn about an organization from an all-encompassing perspective and talk to people from all over the world. It is more of a challenge but it is all more rewarding.

Connect with Lyris Autran, Senior Recruiter (Americas) on LinkedIn.

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