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Building Your Digital Portfolio Like an Executive

We are grateful for the feedback we receive through our social media networks and blog, and we value your comments and your questions.   Here is one question we found very insightful and interesting.

Question:  If you are an entry-level professional looking to advance your career, how can you build a portfolio that looks favorable to recruiters and prospective employers?  Are there any free tools available to help make a good online impression?

It wasn’t that long ago that a resume and general hiring practice was a simplified process; it involved a sheet or two of paper (your resume) and an interview.   Today, there are multiple facets involved with finding the right candidate for the right role, with progressive employers, and one very important area of research that is common involves your participation on digital media, professional networks, and even comments on Facebook, professional websites and other sources.

Sharing on digital media doesn’t cost a thing, with most platforms, including the world’s largest professional network (LinkedIn) offering free services to professionals.  In addition to sharing in a responsible and professional way on social media (commenting on your industry and engaging in professional, insightful conversations), there are other software and networks that are available to help you build a favorable online persona.


This is a free, professional network that individuals from any sector or industry can use to build a professional online profile.  Click here for the Branded.Me “Quick Start Guide”, which explains how you can customize your profile with a picture, details about your skills and experience, and career objectives.  You can also import your contacts from LinkedIn and invite them to your Branded.Me page, once you have customized it.

LinkedIn Freelance Marketplace: ProFinder

Did you know that freelancing is an excellent way to meet new clients, prospective employers and mentors who can help you find a full-time career role?  LinkedIn offers a new service called the Freelance Marketplace.  Registration is free, but candidates must meet five criteria before they can be recommended to companies as a contract provider.

The five criteria are:

  • A professional profile photo.
  • A completely filled out professional profile (education, experience, etc.)
  • More than three LinkedIn Pulse posts (blog articles written by the candidate in LinkedIn that reflect your knowledge and skillset).
  • Three or more professional recommendations on your profile.
  • A profile notation regarding freelance services, or consulting that you can provide.

Use the new ProFinder as a method of connecting to companies, recruiters and professionals in your sector.  When companies are looking for your expertise, LinkedIn will send you a message to “bid” on the project and introduce you.

Do you use other professional networking sites that help you improve your exposure to prospective employers within your industry?  Share a comment or a link with us below.

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