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A Customer View of Recruitment With reesmarx

Working in Partnership: A Case Study  

Dave Stark – CEO, Conversity

Conversity provide solutions that enable companies to connect with customers memorably and meaningfully, online, in-store and through call centres. 

Dave is responsible for the continued growth and success of Conversity across its Global operations. Dave has worked in the ICT industry for over 25 years running software, service and SaaS business operations across the Globe, across all vertical markets and across all ICT domains.  

From Candidate to Client 

reesmarx started working with Dave Stark in 2006 when they headhunted him as VP Northern Europe for Princeton Softech, a high growth software firm based in the USA. The CEO of Princeton had retained reesmarx to manage their EMEA recruitment and together they successfully hired over 25 mid to senior roles across Europe. Following the acquisition of Princeton by IBM, Dave then continued his career helping a variety of fast growth innovative ICT companies rapidly scale and grow.  

Dave knew that reesmarx really understood the ICT sector and in particular, the SME market where it is imperative to acquire, motivate and retain talent whilst keeping focussed on funding and budgets.  

“My initial contact with the reesmarx team was as a candidate in 2006 when they approached me about a Vice President role for Princeton Softech. I was not actively looking and having worked with large corporates including QAD, PeopleSoft, Siebel and Oracle, I was not necessarily considering a pre-IPO opportunity but the team worked closely with me to position the role accurately and professionally and it turned out to be an excellent career move for me at that time. I was impressed with the way the team communicated with me and I always had their full support and trust. Relationships are what counts and I have continued to use reesmarx’s Partnership Network solution in my subsequent roles.” Dave Stark, CEO Conversity

What do SME firms Want?  

It was important for Dave to work with a dedicated recruitment partner who could deliver quality, professional, cost effective and time efficient results.  His experience shows that the most important functions the Board of an SME tech firm is interested in are: 

  • Acquiring, motivating and retaining talent
  • Acquiring and managing cash
  • Selling and servicing clients
  • Developing and supporting good products 

Business Challenge: Talent Spotting is Tough! 

Attracting the best candidates is challenging and can cost significantly if it goes wrong. Think on the impact of your Sales Manager missing the next 6 month quota, your Product Manager overspending the R&D budget or your Project team over-running on delivery.  

Success Factors: Why reesmarx? 

So what makes a good recruitment partner? Dave needed a technology sector recruitment partner who could:   

  • fully understand and position the USP
  • Understand the personal fit, style and company culture
  • Filter and assess candidates in line with requirements
  • Deliver with speed
  • Fulfill a range of roles
  • ‘De-risk’ the person
  • Offer flexible solutions and commercials 

The Partnership Network solution offered by reesmarx works for Dave every time because he knows he will have a dedicated team working for him and this approach saves him a significant amount of time screening potential candidates and evaluating their cultural fit and motivations. By working together, they aim to ‘de-risk’ the hire.  

“We strive to remove all the elements of the recruitment process that cost valuable time and resources. The solutions we offer are cost effective and time efficient. With over 20 year’s experience, we understand the pressures on SME tech firms and we recognize that our role is often pivotal in their success.” Nick Gilmour, Resourcing Director reesmarx   

“Working with Dave is a pleasure because he tells us exactly what he wants and we listen and then deliver. At the same time, we strive to be flexible when required and know that speed is often critical in the SME technology market. As a result, we are proud to be trusted advisers to Dave and all our other clients.” Glyn Rees, Managing Partner International reesmarx 

Tel: +44 (0) 207 012 0050

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