5 Things Top-Talent Wants From Employers
Matt Mann

Matt Mann

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5 Things Top-Talent Wants From Employers

Finding and keeping the best team members is critical for any successful organization. But how do you do it?

To build an impactful workforce, you need to know what today’s top talent seeks in an employer – luckily, this is achievable with the right action plan. Developing strategies that attract applicants who are up-to-date on industry trends, understand current job market demands, and have specialized skills will ensure your company remains ahead of its competitors in terms of employee satisfaction and performance.

With over 20 years of experience in global recruitment, reesmarxGLOBAL has recently surveyed its international team to learn the five things qualified candidates want from employers, and here are the results:

Competitive Salaries

Money alone isn’t enough to attract high-level talent, but competitive salaries certainly help. According to a recent poll conducted by Deloitte, competitive salary ranks at the top of the list when it comes to factors that influence job satisfaction. When employees feel that their compensation is fair and consistent with the market rate for their position, they are more likely to be satisfied with their job and remain with the organization. Employers should also consider offering bonuses or other incentives based on performance as part of a competitive salary package.

Autonomy & Flexibility

Qualified candidates don’t want to feel micromanaged by their employer; instead, they prefer autonomy and flexibility within their job roles that allow them to make decisions independently and exercise creativity in solving problems or completing tasks. This type of freedom gives employees more ownership over their work, which leads to improved job satisfaction and better performance overall.

Many prefer flexible schedules that allow them some control over when and how they work each day. Flexibility can come in many forms, including telecommuting options, fractional employment, or simply allowing employees time off when needed. This can go a long way towards improving employee morale and ensuring that your team members are productive during their working hours.

Clear Career Paths

Qualified candidates want to know there’s potential for growth in any position they take. They want to see clear career paths laid out before them that are achievable with hard work and dedication. You should create a plan outlining each step of the career path, so employees have a roadmap for success at your company. Setting up regular reviews where you discuss progress towards those goals is also essential in helping employees stay motivated and engaged in their work.

Leadership Development Opportunities

Employees today increasingly expect employers to provide leadership development opportunities as part of their job experience. By providing mentorship programs or workshops focused on developing leadership skills, you can make your organization stand out among other potential employers and create an environment where employees feel supported in their career trajectory. Doing so will help you retain existing team members while also making your organization attractive to new hires looking for opportunities for growth within their company.

Open Communication & Respectful Treatment

Lastly, qualified candidates expect open communication with their managers and respectful treatment from all members of the organization, both internally and externally (e.g., customers). Having an environment where everyone feels heard, respected, and appreciated can go a long way towards creating a positive workplace culture that attracts talented professionals looking for meaningful employment opportunities with your company.

Attracting qualified candidates and retaining top talent requires understanding what current employees and prospective hires want from employers today. Investing time into understanding these needs during the recruiting process will empower your new team with the necessary skills while creating an atmosphere where success is achievable at work and beyond.

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