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5 Considerations to Help You Prepare for a Video Interview

Some recent surveys have reported that up to 60% of international businesses, leverage the video interview as part of the hiring process.  Career professionals may be well-practiced in techniques for mastering an effective in-person or telephone interview, but with more companies hiring international candidates, the video interview can present some new challenges, if you are not well-prepared.

There is something about appearing live on a camera, that can make even the most experienced and confident job seekers nervous.  In this article, our international recruiters provide some valuable tips to help you understand the new method, and what you can expect if you are contacted to participate in one, when applying with a global employer.

1. Know That You Are Qualified

Whether the employer is interviewing directly, or if they are using the services of an experienced global recruitment firm, it is important to remember that only the most qualified candidates are contacted for consideration. Confidence matters. Treat the video interview the same as you would a traditional in-person interview.

2. There Will Be More Than One Scheduled Interview

When screening multiple candidates for a role within the organization, many interviews may be planned to help narrow the selection.  It’s not uncommon for employers and recruiters to begin with email correspondence, and escalate to a preliminary telephone interview, followed by an opportunity to meet and talk directly with the human resource representative and recruiter on video. 

3. Dress Accordingly

It may sound like common sense, that candidates should dress appropriately for a video interview, when being evaluated by a global employer.  However, our recruiters have experienced many candidates who quickly disqualify themselves during a video interview, simply by not dressing in a manner that is professional.

Do you need to wear a suit and tie?  It depends on the role, and if it is an C-Level or executive position, our recruiters recommend it, as it is commensurate and expected for a leadership position.  However, for most professionals, business casual includes a dress shirt, and neat appearance to make a good impression.

4. Be Organized

Prepare yourself the same way you would, when attending an in-person interview.  Take some time to inform yourself about the organization, so that you can demonstrate personal knowledge of the business, and their product(s) and services.  Have a notepad ready with questions you would like to ask about the corporate culture, employee benefits and other essential information you need to evaluate if the role is a good fit for you. 

5. Audit the Background Noise

You may be accustomed to working in seamlessly in public areas, a shared office or at home, but excessive background noise can derail the interview and leave a negative impression.  Your favorite coffee shop may be a great place to work sometimes, but it’s the wrong place to conduct a video interview.   It’s also inappropriate and bad business etiquette, to attend a video interview at your desk, where you are working for your current employer.

Find a quiet and professional environment where you can set up your laptop, and focus without interruption, for the duration of the interview.   For many professionals, that means taking an afternoon off to interview at home.  It makes an important first impression that can make or break your chances of being hired.

There are many different types of software used to conduct video interviews.  While candidates are sent an meeting invitation to the interview and link, there may be some additional software you will have to install, before you can participate in the video conference call.  Make sure you have installed the software and test it, the day before your interview. 

One more important tip; avoid using your smartphone for a video interview, unless you have a tri-pod attachment.  This will allow you to have a quality hands-free meeting with less distractions, or technical issues.

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