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10 Tips for Surviving the Telephone Interview

More and more employers are using phone interviews to determine who gets through the door for a face to face meeting, according to Jerry Weinger, chairman of Bernard
Haldane Associates, a career management firm. “Applicants need to realize just how important that phone call can be”, says Weinger. A
recent poll found that one fourth of all job hunters have been interviewed by telephone. “Any contact with a potential employer is an opportunity to leave a positive
or negative impression,” says Weinger. “Listen carefully, and keep your responses focused. Your goal is to be invited for a face-to-face interview.”

Many job hunters misinterpret receiving a phone call, as opposed to a letter, as a lack of interest. Instead, these “screening calls” frequently mean that the resume has sparked
an employer’s curiosity. The company simply wants more information before committing to a face to face interview.

Phone interviews have become so common, that any job hunter needs to be well prepared for them. Here are 10 tips to you advance from phone interviews to in person

  1. Consider responses to potential interview questions, before you even pick up the phone.
  2. Keep a pen and paper near the phone for taking notes.
  3. Write down your questions for potential employers, and keep them handy.
  4. Speak in an enthusiastic manner, a good tip is to do the interview standing up. You’ll think better and sound stronger and more confident
  5. Be aware of your diction. The phone magnifies every imperfection and distracts from the thoughts you want to convey.
  6. Adjust to your interviewer’s vocabulary level as nearly as possible, and use the jargon of the industry.
  7. Never include any profanity in your conversation.
  8. Develop a high degree of authority and self-confidence in your voice.
  9. Practice mock phone interviews.
  10. If you are in a hurry or distracted, make an appointment to return the call at a better time.

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