Space Tech, Aerial Tech and Military

Military Technology has its deep roots in the earliest of times in the history of civilization. It was Military Tech that allowed for Greek infantrymen’s arms and armor to be most effective for fighting in close formation, synchronizing the marching unit of men, step-by-step, toward many victories; and the poor, heavy, and restrictive Military Tech implemented by late Medieval knights often led to defeat by cohesive units of less well-equipped opponents.

But Space Tech is very new and mainly for use in outer space or for travel purposes, including space vehicles such as satelites and space stations. Many common everyday services such as weather forecasting and satellite TV and navigation systems critically rely on Space Tech.

Military and Space Tech has evolved to mean any technology that aims to defend, approach, or advance a frontier in the physical world. Whether for defense or leisure, this technology is accelerating at an incredible rate and looks to be an important part of our future.

There is an ongoing revolution in the Military and Space Tech industry challenging the conservatism in the established “old space” business model. This newest frontier is opening up fresh and exciting opportunities but also frightening new risks that are difficult to imagine, let alone see…

This means that companies in the Military and Space Tech industry need well-educated, highly-specialized, forward-thinking leaders and technology experts to anticipate high-tech issues and opportunities that cross national and even global borders.

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At reesmarx, we have been involved with recruiting and executive search projects which address these dramatic advancements in the Military and Space Tech Industry. Specifically, we have been helping the these companies find innovators in technology and leadership areas.

Read on how reesmarx is helping Space and Military Tech companies to optimize their resource challenges by hiring wisely, streamlining revenue generation and operations, and growing companies to new levels.