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Glyn Rees

Glyn Rees

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reesmarx Commences Recruitment in the Middle East in 2012

At the beginning of 2012, reesmarx was asked for assistance with placements for Sales personnel for areas throughout the Middle East including Dubai and Saudi Arabia. ‘From the beginning of January last year, one of our American Technology clients wanted assistance at finding a Senior Sales person with Middle eastern experience to start their operation.

We were able to place the person within 7 weeks and have progressed from here to have placed candidates in Professional Services, Marketing, Operations, HR, Legal and Finance throughout the last year’ saids Glyn Rees, Managing Partner – EMEA ‘ We now find that many clients are asking us to assist their search needs in the Middle East due to the quality of candidates we are offering them, therefore we have increased activity in the region and are looking at the best ways to expand our presence due to the amount of work we are doing’ continued Rees.

In the last three months senior personnel have been placed in Sales and Professional Services and reesmarx has won a recruitment project for an Engineering client. reesmarx is looking for major growth from this region in 2013 with more resources being focussed their. Watch this space!!!

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