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Netherlands Destination Guide

You’ve decided you want to go global, so now it’s time to choose your target destination. Luckily, you’re at the right place! When you’re deciding on where to head next, there are a few areas to deeply consider: economic strength, leading industries, workforce quality, and investment opportunities. In this destination guide, we’ll be taking a look at one of the best countries for doing business—the Netherlands—to see if this geographically small yet culturally, economically, and professionally astounding country is the right destination for your business as you begin your journey towards global expansion.

The Netherlands offers one of the highest-ranked education systems around the globe, fostering multi-lingual students and allowing them to choose their academic paths to suit their passions and interests. Such a system contributes greatly to the success of the country’s workforce, allowing individuals to follow career paths that they enjoy while increasing company productivity rates.

Of the 27 countries throughout the European Union, the Netherlands has the 5th largest economy and is home to its busiest port. Exporting over $511B worth of agricultural and food products, technology, heavy machinery, and more each year, 29% of the nation’s GDP is help up by Dutch exports. Just like many other countries, the service sector is one of the Netherlands’ largest contributors to its economic wealth, contributing to 69.85% of the overall GDP.

Main industries within the Netherlands include agriculture, energy, and information technology (IT). Many industries have already set up camp in the Netherlands due to the prosperity of these industries in combination with the nation’s great tax incentives and, of course, its healthy economy. For those looking to invest or expand into the Netherlands, profitability is nearly promised and the risk is very low.

For more information on the Netherlands and the great opportunities, it can offer to your business, download our Destination Guide below!

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